Common Poodle Puppy Habits

Common Poodle Puppy HabitsIf you’ve recently brought home a red poodle, you understand that training a new puppy can be a bit exhausting in the beginning! Puppies are full of cuddles and energy, but when they are young, they can also have some bad behaviors.

We have compiled some tips on how you can deal with common red poodle puppy habits.

Teething and Chewing

When your puppy is teething, they are experiencing pain and itching in their jaw and gums which is why they are so focused on chewing things to relieve that pain. Sometimes, puppies chew on things that they aren’t supposed to be eating! Whether your red toy poodle has taken up a habit of chewing on your shoes or on the sofa, this habit can be easily remedied.

As soon as your puppy turns three or four months old and starts teething, pick up plenty of teething toys. Your puppy will be teething for several months so make sure to pick up a variety of toys. The best teething toys for your red standard poodle will have a variety of surface textures, but make sure you’re shopping for the right size. Ask your local pet store about teething toys for poodle puppies in particular: sometimes their tiny mouths can’t handle a regular teething toy, so they could get frustrated and disregard it all together.

Frequent Boredom

If you work a full-time job, as many of us do, your puppy might become bored at home waiting for your return. Boredom can affect red poodles of any age, but puppies are particularly susceptible. When your puppy is bored for a long period of time, it can often turn into aggression or depression: if it goes the aggression route, you could be dealing with even more chewed-up shoes and furniture.

In order to combat boredom, give your puppy a ‘stay busy’ toy. Consider picking up toys that are interactive, make noise, or initiate a game, which can keep your pup occupied for hours.

Separation Anxiety

Poodle puppies are also susceptible to separation anxiety when you leave the house, as many puppies are. To keep your puppy feeling calm, make sure they enough toys and comforts around. When your dog is a puppy, consider leaving them in a crate with a few favorite toys when you’re gone. They’ll feel safe in the crate and won’t be able to chew through the couch!

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Taking Care of Your Poodle this Summer

Poodle NewsHere at Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles, we know that your red toy poodles are a part of the family.

As the weather gets warmer and summer settles in, it may take some extra steps to protect your poodle.

Many things can be done to care for your dog in the heat to ensure that they remain safe. Here are some tips for caring for your red poodles this summer that will keep them feeling cool, calm and refreshed.

Regular Exercise

It can be hard to exercise during summertime when we often feel lethargic as a result of heat and humidity, but you and your poodle still need the usual amount of exercise. If it works for your schedule, walk in early morning or late evening, when temperatures aren’t as hot. Avoid walking between noon and 4 p.m., when weather is hottest.

Keep in mind that before dawn and after dusk is when pests, such as fleas and ticks, are most active. If you’re spending time walking outside or even just hanging out in the back yard, make sure to talk to your vet about pest prevention steps this summer.


Make sure your poodle always has access to cool, fresh water. If you’re spending the day indoors, swap out the water frequently. If you’ll be outside for the afternoon, place the water bowl in a well-shaded area, and replace it once it gets warm.

Manage Temperature

If the temperature is hot outside but your poodle is out with you, offer them a frozen carrot to chew on or give them a wet, cold blanket to lie on top of. If you’ll be away from home for several hours, leave AC or fans on so that your poodle doesn’t get too hot.

Hot, humid summer weather can be rough on humans and dogs. Keep an eye on your furry friend and take some steps to cool them down whenever possible.

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Caring for Your Aging Poodle

Caring for Your Aging Poodle Is your red standard poodle not as young and energetic as he used to be? It can be hard to watch our beloved dogs grow older as their habits change.

It’s important to remember that as your poodle ages, their needs will start to adapt and change.

There are several things you can do in order to best care for your aging red poodle.

As your red poodle ages, they will probably start to slow down. You might notice that they are not quite as active as they used to be and that’s expected. These changes could indicate that your poodle might need to take shorter walks or walk less frequently. Be patient with your poodle, they might be slowing down due to joint pain. Don’t cut out regular exercise all together which could result in long-term issues. Instead, exercise your poodle regularly but pay attention to what their limits might be as they change.

If you notice that you must use your outdoor voice in order to call your poodle before they hear you, it’s likely that their hearing is starting to go which is common in aging dogs. Many dogs, specifically poodles, often struggle with their eyesight too. When these changes happen any changes other to your poodle’s routine, such as feeding time or where their water bowl us located, can cause your poodle to become distraught. Try to stick to as much as you can to the schedule that they are familiar with to keep them comfortable.

Your poodles coat also might start to look a bit different. Just as humans do, poodles also develop gray hair. Aging poodle skin is also extremely sensitive and prone to sores and rashes; make sure to take very good care of your poodle by bathing him regularly with gentle soap.

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