Winter Poodle Care Tips

Winter Poodle Care Tips

At Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your poodle. They are a unique dog breed and require specific care to ensure their overall well-being. As we enter the month of February, it is crucial to be mindful of your poodle’s needs and how to care for them throughout this winter season.

Winter brings colder weather, which can be harmful to your poodle. Because poodles don’t have typical fur like most dogs, it is much easier for them to feel the impact of cold winter air. Most dogs have an undercoat, which provides an extra layer of protection and insulation. Contrarily poodles have a single coat of soft hair.

If you go outside and feel the chill in the air, chances are so does your poodle. 


Here are a few tips to help keep them warm and comfortable this season: 

If you live in a particularly cold region, you should put a jacket on your poodle before going out for walks.

There are a variety of jackets made specifically for poodles, but it is best to get an insulated jacket that is also waterproof. This will stop cold precipitation like rain and snow from getting into their coat and seeping down to their skin.

Paw Protection 

Walking on the cold or icy ground can wreak havoc on your poodle’s paws. If you find that it is particularly cold outside, purchase dog shoes to help protect your poodle’s paws. This will help provide insulation from the cold ground and keep their paw warm during walks.

Nose Protection

Your poodle’s snout is one of the first things that will get cold when exposed to chilly temperatures. Their nose is naturally moist, which can make it become chapped in the winter cold. Before heading out for a walk, apply nose butter to your poodle’s nose to help seal in moisture and prevent cracking and drying.

Be mindful of your poodle’s behavior and body language. They may not be able to tell you they are cold, but there are clear signs that show this.

Here are some signs you might notice:

  • Shivering
  • Whining
  • Walking with a paw or leg lifted
  • Visibly anxious

If you see any of these signs, be sure to return your poodle to a warm location.

We hope these tips will help you maintain your poodle’s health throughout the rest of the winter.

Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles breeds miniature poodles, toy poodles, and teacup poodles. Be sure to check our blog for poodle care tips!

Finding A Quality Breeder

Adding a new furry friend to the family is both exciting and challenging. As you browse through websites deciding on the breed you want, it can become overwhelming to decide on which dog breeder is right for you. Many people may recommend that you “adopt instead of shop” but what if you are looking for a specific breed? Purchasing a dog is completely safe as long as you are dealing with a breeder you can trust.

It may not always be clear if a dog breeder is trustworthy, so here are a few tips to help evaluate their legitimacy:

They only breed one kind of dog. Breeders who have a wide variety of breeds available cannot be trusted to fully understand each breed. A breeder who specializes in one kind of dog is usually an expert dedicated to the knowledge of their specific breed.

They allow you to visit their home/kennel. If a breeder wants to meet at a different location or does not allow you to see the conditions in which your potential dog is living, chances are they are not engaging in ethical breeding practices. 

They know your puppy’s genetic background– A good dog breeder will have all the information you need to know about your new puppy. Be sure to ask questions about your puppy’s parents and grandparents and take note of how knowledgeable your breeder is. Check our Quality Breeder page for more information.

They require you to sign a contract– A responsible dog breeder will require anyone buying a dog from them to sign a contract stating that you will follow the care rules outlined for your dog. Be sure to carefully read the contract.

With these tips in mind, you can ensure that you are not scammed by puppy mills, or “backyard breeders”. For more information on reputable breeders, and questions to ask your breeder, click here.

Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles is dedicated to raising happy and healthy poodles, miniature poodles, toy poodles, and teacup poodles. As a licensed breeder with nearly 60 years of experience, you can be sure the poodles raised by Linda DeBlauw are properly cared for using ethical breeding practices. If you are interested in adopting a poodle, check out the available puppies here!

The Dangers of The Doodles

Poodle icon. Dog standing silhouette. Vector black flat illustration isolated on white background.

Poodles are a popular breed, well-known for being extremely intelligent, loyal and adorably cute. One of the main appeals to poodles is their hypoallergenic quality. Because they have hair instead of traditional dog fur it makes them  the perfect dog for someone with allergies. This is the very reason the labradoodle was created in 1989. Wally Conron first crossbred a Labrador and a Standard Poodle for a client that needed a guide dog that was also hypoallergenic.

Because these mixed breed dogs are a hybrid of two different dogs, these crossbreeds do not have predictable characteristics. For example, only three of the 10 dogs Conron bred were tested as hypoallergenic. This means that without proper testing, uneducated buyers can potentially purchase a dog marketed as hypoallergenic when it is not.

This also created a market for unethical dog breeders, some who operate puppy mills in cruel conditions, carelessly creating mixes.

Many different issues can arise when crossbreeding two different kinds of dogs. These different mixes of “doodle dogs” can have an increase in health problems, which can impact their quality of life and longevity. This is something that has been commonly ignored in favor of creating a “cute dog”.

If you are in the market for a labradoodle of other mixed Poodle breed, it is important to have a clear understanding of that dog’s history and any potential health issues they may have. Be sure to purchase from a reputable breeder. Check our Quality Breeder page for more information.

In an article by the NYTimes, Conron stated that he regretted his decision to crossbreed the poodle and Labrador. “I’ve done so much harm to pure breeding and made many charlatans quite rich. I wonder, in my retirement, whether we bred a designer dog—or a disaster!”

Before purchasing a dog, whether it be a purebred or mixed breed, be sure to check the history of your dog. Ask the breeder about their parents and health history.

For ethically bred poodles, visit Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles. Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles specializes in Red and Apricot Poodle puppies in varying sizes. Visit our website to start your puppy application today!

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