Dog Safety: Fencing your Yard

Moyen PoodlesKeeping your pooch safe while they are outdoors is a major concern for most pet owners. Even the most obedient dogs may stray and some just can’t help but chase after every squirrel they see. There are many options to consider when making your yard pet friendly, so choose the one that is best for you and your animals.

Chain link

The most indestructible fencing option, and one of the least expensive, a simple chain link fence will keep your pets safe and able to run free within the constraints of your yard.

Picket Fence

A beautiful fencing option to can keep your canine family members safe and secure, the picket fence can enhance any yard or garden. Have a pooch that loves digging? These fences are perfect for keeping your flowers and vegetables safe as well! Make sure the fence you choose has a secure latch that is out of your dog’s reach. Also, for smaller breeds, make sure the slats are built close enough together that your pup can’t sneak out between them.

Border Fencing

If you own a lot of land or live in a rural area, a border fence both beautifies the land and keeps your dog from wandering away from home. Be sure to put some wire fence along the bottom of the border fencing if your pooch has a tendency to stray.

Electric Fence

Another fencing option is the electric fence. Paired with a collar that gives your dog a small zap when they try to leave the property, this option allows you to maintain a fence-free image or works as an extra safety precaution against Houdini-like pups.

When choosing your fencing, consider your pet’s behavior as well as your lifestyle. Be sure to pick an option that latches securely and keep your fence in good repair to prevent injuries and escapes. Also, remember to never leave a puppy outside along. Regardless of the security of your fencing, there are plenty of things within your yard that a small puppy can get into.

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