Your Health Guarantee – 3 full years 

All Scarlet’s Fancy Poodle puppies have been health checked by a licensed veterinarian before they are offered for sale. This health statement describes the health of each puppy and is part of the purchase package.  The puppies have been given their vaccinations current to date.  The date for the next booster will be written on the Health Records.    Puppies have been wormed at 2 week intervals since birth.  Dates and types of medications are listed on the Bill of Sale.  Your puppy has already had at least it’s first round of vaccines.  Buyer agrees to take their puppy to the vet of their choice to finish the series of vaccines that every young canine needs to give them immunity against life threatening diseases.

SELLER AND BUYER BOTH UNDERSTAND AND AGREE on the conditions and requirements of this agreement. The purchase of a puppy from seller by buyer, verifies that buyer understands and agrees to the conditions and requirements of this Health Guarantee.

***To activate your Health Guarantee, you must take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of the time the puppy is in your possession, for a “well-puppy check”.   If your puppy is experiencing diarreah take a stool sample to the well-puppy visit. Sundays and holidays will not be counted.  You must also feed the recommended foods and immune building supplements that Scarlet’s Fancy feeds it puppies during your puppy’s  formative time of development of their bodies and minds.  These foods must be fed for at least your puppy’s first three years, the life of the guarantee.   Owner hereby also agrees to have their Vet administer the necessary vaccines in the time periods recommended by breeder, and/or your Vet’s recommendations.  You will receive that information in the Puppy Care and Nutrition guide to raising your new Poodle Puppy into adulthood.  You will receive this packet before/or when you receive your puppy.  The food is Merrick’s Puppy Classic Puppy Chicken and Rice,  it can be purchased at PetCo, the supplements are NuVet Plus, they can be purchased on line.  You will a sample bag of either Merrick Classic Puppy Kibble Chicken and Rice, you can buy at Petco or Hi-Tek Just for Puppies if you pick up your puppy.  If the puppy is shipped to you, you will receive a sample on the top of its crate,  (you can buy either of these foods online at     and Nu-Vet upon the purchase of your puppy.

Should within 3 years your puppy be diagnosed with a life threatening problem such as heart, kidney or liver disorder, seizures, Cushings disease, or leg perthes, the puppy must be returned to seller, and then 100% refund of the purchase price and the cost of shipping  will be refunded to Buyer.   Seller will not be responsible for any veterinary expenses. Seller will be responsible only for the purchase price of the puppy and airline expenses if applicable.

If Buyers Vet finds any abnormalities, Buyer must return puppy within 1 week, and only then will a full refund will be issued.  Seller will not discount the price of any puppy or dog if Buyer elects to keep the puppy.

Patellas will only be guaranteed until the puppy is again checked by your Veterinarian during its initial “well puppy check” within the first 72 hours of bringing your puppy home.  Environmental causes can change patellas, such as injury or lack of proper nutrition.   The checking of Patellas is a an opinion and very subjective call.  The nature of a very small puppy is to have patellas that are not as tight as a larger puppy.  You may have 5 Vets check the patellas, and you may get 5 varying opinions.  The most accurate opinions to are a evaluated by a very experienced Vet, who has seen it all.  The statics are that 60% of all dogs under 25 lbs do have loose or luxating patellas.  It is far more common to have a loose patella than to have tight ones.  The smaller the dog, the more chance its patellas will be loose.  Patellas in very small dogs are unlikely to cause any adverse affect.  However, here at Scarlet’s Fancy we have been able to reverse that average and nearly all of our puppies patellas are good.

It is possible that the readjustment to a new home and unfamiliar environment can cause  puppies to experience minor challenges caused by the stress of going to their new homes.   Your puppy may experience lack of appetite for a few days, possibly loose stools, or develop a minor infection  (refer to your Puppy Care Information sheet).  If you  think your puppy needs supportive care, please text your breeder before consulting your Veterinarian.  If this should happen the challenges will be normal puppy for young puppies with immature immune system.   Read Bill of Sale for details, and how to manage such occurences.

Please besure you remove any toxins, such as snail bait, ant poisons, chocolate, zylitol (common in many candies and gums) toxic plants, vehicle coolant to name a few from the area your puppy plays in.  These substances are poison and can cause liver or kidney failure and death.  Do not feed your puppy any chocolate as it is very toxic to dogs.  Pick up any electric cords.

If your puppy should fall ill, the  puppy must be diagnosed by 2 different Veterinarians at different practices. Each Vet must write a statement in which the Vet determines caused the illness, and these letters must be delivered to the Seller within 5 days of the Vet visits.  Seller has the right to also have her Vet check the puppy.   Seller will not be responsible for any Veterinarian Expenses

*Should the puppy die within the first 72 hours after purchase, buyer must have an autopsy performed by a licensed veterinarian to determine the cause of death. A copy of the autopsy report written on the licensed veterinarian’s letterhead must be forwarded to the seller before determining if a refund will be provided. Buyer understands and agrees that if the puppy is returned or has died, that seller will have the right to speak to the licensed veterinarian who completed the report for any further information that may be necessary to make the determination whether the buyer will be a refunded. The reason for an autopsy would be to rule out that the cause of death was due to buyer negligence to keep the puppy safe from hazards to its health or ineffective parenting of the puppy i.e. not finishing the vaccination series,  properly fed, watered, sheltered from cold or heat.

*If puppy or dog is purchased for the purpose of show or breeding, no guarantee is made as to the potential of puppy or dog.

To return your puppy you and receive a refund you must:

*Return your new puppy to the Seller within 7 days of the time of possession of the puppy by the buyer. Along with the puppy, buyer must provide a signed statement from 2 licensed Veterinarians at different practices, on the veterinarian’s letterhead showing the date and time puppy was given the examination, and why he/she believed the puppy had a life threatening health problem before buyer received the puppy. Buyer understands at time of purchase that if they should return the puppy that seller that right to contact the veterinarians (before the puppy is returned) that issued the reports for further verbal verification before determining if a refund will be issued.

*If Buyer chooses to keep the puppy, regardless of any health issue, Seller will not issue a refund for the cost of puppy, or any veterinarian expenses or airfare.

*If another puppy is available, the Buyer can choose to replace the returned puppy with the new one the Buyer chooses.

*If buyer chooses a replacement puppy that has a value for more or less than the original puppy’s purchase price, then the Seller or the Buyer will make up the difference in cost before the replacement puppy is picked up or shipped.

Refer to payment methods page.

Items not covered by your Health Guarantee:

*Parasites: including Giardia and Coccidia, worms, mites, fleas, other pests, which are common in puppies. All puppies are dewormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. All canines should be on a maintenance schedule to control worms specific to the area that the puppy now resides in. Coccidia is easy to treat. Giardia can be more stubborn but in time as your puppy’s immune system develops, the immune system will rid the puppy of the parasite. The concern is if your puppy should display diarrhea and become dehydrated. Do not change it’s diet, feed only the food recommended.  Changing the diet will cause intestinal upset.  Replace puppy’s water with human baby Pedialyte until the stools firm up.

We do not recommend flea medicines that are given by mouth or on the skin.  Both of these  types of medicines has causes severe life threatening symptoms in some of our puppies, including seizures.  Our thought are that those medications are too strong for the size of our Toy pups, are are unhealthy for any dog.  Our belief is that many illnesses that shorten the life of your dog are caused because the dogs were treated with toxins.   Would you put a medication on yourself that would kill a flea that bit you?   Wouldn’t your blood be toxic.   Don’t give your puppy anything that you would not do for yourself.  There are non-toxic medications on the market, please use them.

*Hypoglycemia: Is sometimes seen in very small puppies and it is 100% preventable, information on low blood sugar will be included in the Puppy Care information that will either be emailed to the Buyer or given to Buyer when they pick up their Puppy.    Q.  How will you know if your puppy is suffering from hypoglycemia?  A.  Your puppy will be lethargic and may lay out flat on the floor.  If this should occur, immediate open their mouth and put in 1/4 teaspoon of Nutrical or another similiar high calorie supplement.  Have this on hand before your puppy arrives.

It is possible that the stress natural to the readjustment to their new home can cause some puppies to experience minor health challenges.  Refer to your puppy care information sheet emailed to you.  If you feel your puppy is not adjusting well, call or email us first, you may need supportive care from your Vet.   Ask your Vet to call us per the information on your Bill of Sale so that we can give them information about the history of your puppy.  Any good Vet will welcome this information.  If your Vet does not believe they should consult us, that Vet is not interested in finding the best possible solution for getting your puppy back to feeling itself in the shortest time possible.   And is more interested in scheduling more follow up visits, which will cost you more money than necessary.  Any minor challenges should be able to be controlled with proper support within 15 days.

Bringing a new puppy into your home is a lifetime commitment. We wish loving, patient and stable homes for all our puppies.  Puppies are like baby humans, they require lots of support and patience.  Never be harsh with your puppy, opt to be patient and train it.  Harshness delays progress.  Mistakes will be made in the beginning, the puppies are babies.  If you have the time to train a new puppy, please do not purchase from us.

Each puppy will be accompanied with their health records, and a sample Merrick’s Classic Puppy Kibble or Hi-Tek Just for Puppies, feed only the one recommended for your puppy by your breeder  and sample of NuVet Supplements, a human grade supplement, this is the diet that your puppy has been weaned on.  From experience, I must insist that to keep your Health Guarantee in effect you are required to feed these very high grade food and supplements.  Changing food can/will cause gastric upsets that could cause your puppy distress, and a trip to your Vet.  You will also receive care instructions that will guide you from their first day home into adulthood. All puppies are  started in their potty training on newspaper. Their lessons will need to be consistently reinforced when they are in their new homes. Puppies are babies, similar to a human baby. Patience, consistency, cuddling and verbal rewarding are of most importance in training your puppy.   No scolding, as it will make your puppy not let you know when they have to relieve themselves.   The more consistent their humans are, the faster and easier it will be to completely house train your puppy.  It is very important that you have time, patience and the right technique to take your puppy through this first important step.  After potty training is complete and your puppy will go on command, you can start with the next lesson.  When the puppy is 4 months old and has had it’s last booster shot, it is then time to take your puppy to puppy training classes.  These classes are very important to help your puppy to learn basic commands and for you to learn how to give the commands in the way puppies understand.  Taking the time to do this will make your relationship with your new puppy a true joy.  People will be amazed to see how well your puppy responds to your requests.


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