Puppy Training: The Crate

poodle puppyWhile many new dog owners are nervous about the idea of crate training their furry friend, dog experts stress that crate training is an important part of building a routine and house training a puppy. The crate provides your new pet with a safe place – a den – to call their own. Learn the proper crate training methods to help make your home a safe and happy place for your newest family member!

If you make the crate your puppy’s personal retreat, complete with their toys and favorite blanket, it can become a special, safe location that is theirs alone. Many dogs even enjoy resting in their crate when it is open throughout the day, because of the cozy feeling it provides.

Crate training also helps you to housebreak your puppy. Keep accidents at a minimum by crating your furry friend when you head to work, taking them outside before you leave and immediately upon return. Your dog will not want to soil their retreat and the consistent use of this technique will help to create a positive schedule. Dogs are creatures of habit and puppies, like children, feel safer and more comfortable when they have a set routine. Positive reinforcement is an important part of training as well, so remember to praise your pup for being good while you were gone and for going outside to do their business.

Crate training is a very useful tool that can help your dog get used to their new home a lot more quickly. Bringing any animal into a new environment requires a period of adjustment and using crate training can help make that period go smoothly.

The crate should never be used for punishment and your dog should not be closed inside while you are home. Learn more about crate training with Cesar’s Way and The Humane Society and contact your vet with any questions you may have.

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