This is a portrait of Harry who as you know will turn 4 months old at the end of the month.  He is totally one of the family.  Harry has adjusted well to the cold, snowy, NY weather we’ve been having since he has arrived. What started as a mild Winter in 2014 has turned into one of the coldest Winters on the books since Harry landed in NY. He has experienced below Zero
(temps-fahrenheit) and 7 snow storms.  He is still a Cali boy at heart; always have to gently nudge him to go out and do his business. He doesn’t like extreme cold but then again neither do I.   So training him is going well but I still leave a wee wee pad out from time to time because he sometimes resists going out into the tundra.
What a personality!!!
He cracks us up all the time.  He’s jolly, goofy and all the while a very smart boy. He’s a really, really joyful pup!
Harry started puppy classes given by a retired NYPD Canine cop.  I personally think he is the star of the class.  He sits, lies down and comes if enticed by a treat.
Harry will get his rabies vaccination this weekend.  Our 6 year old Schnoodle, Lola, is really having a lot of fun with Harry.  They play & frolic in the snow & walk great together.  What a great walker Mr. Harry is!
He stays right by my left side and doesn’t pull or tug at all.
I just cant say enough about this mushy pup that you sent us! He’s brought so much sunshine into our home!!!!
Thank you for sending us this wonderful, well-bred canine. Harry is a true blessing!