I want to thank Patti Sherfy of Sherfame for her friendship. She has given many hours of her time over the last 9 years helping, mentoring, and sharing with me many invaluable tips on the lessons she has learned about canine genetics over her lifetime.

Poodle ReviewsPatti has been very successful at doing what she loves, putting Champions in the show ring. I appreciate her dedication and passion in keeping the Poodle breed, sound of health, sound of mind and sound of body. These priorities, in that order has kept her passion alive and strong for raising healthy, happy, beautiful Poodles over the last 60 years. She was gifted with the fascination for genetics, and has the rare talent for putting genetic families together to produce healthy, happy, beautiful off- spring. She has accomplished this year after year.

We share the interest of Red and Apricot Poodles in particular. We have the same values about keeping animals sound, whether it be Poodles, or other breeds or other species of domesticated animals.  We both see the sad results of poor breeding from those who don’t care enough, or who don’t know enough. And we both believe that putting together pairs who are genetically compatible is of most importance in keeping this wonderful breed healthy and vibrant in the years to come.

Patti has lovingly passed her knowledge on to me. Knowledge that can only be gained from experience. We hold dearly to the understanding that breeders must be responsible stewards. Any work done must be in the direction of improving upon, and never compromising the health, temperament or beauty of this very special breed, the Poodle. I think the biggest compliment to her would be for me, someday, to pass on the knowledge that I have gained from her to another person who will value it as much as I do.

Linda DeBlauw,      Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles


Hello Linda and staff,                 F9039    DOB 2/22/20                                                  July 30, 2020

Wanted to update you on Mitzi from Atascadero. She is a doll and we love her very much. Her fur is darker red than the photo shows and is very beautiful.
She let’s me comb her every day, but the puppy hair messes up very fast. She is a little Red head apricot girl. She has gained weight, almost 5.3 now and she is growing and seems to be very healthy.
Our Atascadero veterinarian is very impressed with her.    She is very active and plays real hard, then she crashes and it is nap time; however she always seems to have one eye open to see if anyone in the family might do something interesting that she will miss out on.
She sleeps all night.  I followed your night time directions and she has slept all night in her cage near our bed, from the first night.  We also gave her the Heart Beat Snuggle puppy to use only at night
and as long as the heart beat is on she is sleeping and happy.  Her favorite chew toy for teething is the stems from the garden, cabbage, kale and broccoli plants.  Her favorite game is tug a war and she
hasn’t met a ball that she doesn’t like.  The talking ball is by far the most played with. She is such a pleasure; we never know what she is going to learn next.  She goes outside on her own through the doggie
door into our screened in deck and arbor area to play and to go potty.  She is a very fast learner.
Thank you, Linda and staff, we are so happy with Mitzi, she is a delight and so much fun for our family.

Hi Linda,
I took the puppy to my vet this week and received an excellent bill of health, as I expected. He has clearly been very well raised. By the time of the vet visit, his testes had descended. I am calling him Tassos and find him amazing and delightful. He and my cat have become fast friends already and romp around having a good time with each other. When I separate them, being careful to limit their time together so Tassos doesn’t get too tired, both cry.

Thank you for all the good breeding and care,


This is little Reign in the 2 lbs range at 6 months old.


Yogi’s first day home.  He’s taking a break to watch Animal Planet.


we bought a small toy poodle from you about 8 to 9 years ago named guppie by you. She is the best dog ever. We are thinking of getting  two more just like her, possibly siblings. Do you have any from that same bloodline?

Thank you,

Lucy lives with Rita in Florida

Jeff and Linda

Hi Linda,

Bubbles, Thriller, my husband and I have moved into a new home.

The dogs love it here:  Where we lived previously, they weren’t excited about their daily walks; here, 
they can’t wait. Perhaps it’s all the smells: the rats, rattlesnakes, gophers, squirrels, bunnies, coyotes, 
mice, lizards, crows, hawks, seagulls, pelicans, tarantulas, and scorpions that intrigue them. 
They’re both doing well: so full of love and mischievousness. 
Warmest Regards,


Allison’s boy.  He’s 10 months old now.  Allison is such a great Mom

Paul takes home his new puppy.


Thank you!!!???? He’s a happy energetic member of our family who we all love dearly.????


Glory the beautiful Red Moyen, owned by David and Judith

Kim and Alan’s Baby at 10 months.

Sending you Hugs and Best Wishes.

You are a GODDESS of Poodles. Janet

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