I want to thank Patti Sherfy of Sherfame for her friendship. She has given many hours of her time over the last 9 years helping, mentoring, and sharing with me many invaluable tips on the lessons she has learned about canine genetics over her lifetime.

Poodle ReviewsPatti has been very successful at doing what she loves, putting Champions in the show ring. I appreciate her dedication and passion in keeping the Poodle breed, sound of health, sound of mind and sound of body. These priorities, in that order has kept her passion alive and strong for raising healthy, happy, beautiful Poodles over the last 60 years. She was gifted with the fascination for genetics, and has the rare talent for putting genetic families together to produce healthy, happy, beautiful off- spring. She has accomplished this year after year.

We share the interest of Red and Apricot Poodles in particular. We have the same values about keeping animals sound, whether it be Poodles, or other breeds or other species of domesticated animals.  We both see the sad results of poor breeding from those who don’t care enough, or who don’t know enough. And we both believe that putting together pairs who are genetically compatible is of most importance in keeping this wonderful breed healthy and vibrant in the years to come.

Patti has lovingly passed her knowledge on to me. Knowledge that can only be gained from experience. We hold dearly to the understanding that breeders must be responsible stewards. Any work done must be in the direction of improving upon, and never compromising the health, temperament or beauty of this very special breed, the Poodle. I think the biggest compliment to her would be for me, someday, to pass on the knowledge that I have gained from her to another person who will value it as much as I do.


Linda DeBlauw,      Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles


Hi Linda, Guess what? One of our neighbors has a 1 yr old toy from your kennel, his name is Rusty.
Our Ruby (on right) is 8 months old now. Doing great! Getting spayed tomorrow.  Best

Baby Giselle at her new home with Grace.  Learning her potty training lessons.

Pictures of our dog Chewy

I just want to update you on Paris little girl. We named her Cali and she is happy in her new home in Miami. She goes outside daily and is now almost potty trained to go outside. We started her in puppy school and has learned to sit, down, and drop it. She is so smart and we love her so much. Thank you!!

He made it safely, thank you!


Today we completed our last piece of paperwork to have us register Tessa-tu (and Beau) as therapy dogs with the national Alliance for Therapy Dogs (ATD).

Tessa-tu will turn 2 this month. She is an absolute doll with a personality to match. She loves everyone, and thinks everyone loves her. We realized that she’d make a great therapy dog. She passed so easily. This will allow us to do volunteer work with her and Beau at hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities . . . both in Pismo Beach (where we come to escape the cold of Reno) and in Nevada.

We adore little Miss Tessa-tu, and thank you so much for allowing her to come into our lives. We’ve lost count how many people we’ve told about you and the wonderful dogs you breed.

Here’s how Tessa-tu looks at almost 2.

Note that we have NOT had any problems with her slipping patella for more than a year!

Hoping all is well in your world – – and wishing you continued success with the poodles.

Joanie & Rob

Hello, we like to inform you that Louise is very happy with us in case you worry. We all love her very much 🙂

I just want to update you on Paris little girl. We named her Cali and she is happy in her new home in Miami. She goes outside daily and is now almost potty trained to go outside. We started her in puppy school and has learned to sit, down, and drop it. She is so smart and we love her so much. Thank you!!

Lily is doing spectacularly.  Slept through the night in her crate, is going outside to urinate on command, plays hard and then crashes on my lap.  I am having a wonderful time and feel so loved.

Thank you for that.

Hello Linda,

Thanks for everything!

We brought little Cece home yesterday, and she’s getting along just fine.  Cece slept through the whole night, and she didn’t even dirty the kennel.

Going to see the vet this afternoon for a quick check, and that should take care of everything.

Nice seeing you again yesterday, and we appreciate all of the hard work.

Sincerely, Jane, Gerry and Stan



The Dong family, Belle and new sister.

Kaylaa Bonilla and parents

We have Molly home now.She is very playful,jumping around. My Westie Murphy is a little shy, but is already giving her kisses! We love her already. She seems so happy! Thank you so much, Molly is just what we needed in our home.  Valerie


Jimmer and his sleepy boy.

Jim and his new puppy

Ash’s new family member

Retirees Spike, Magic and Clover going to forever homes.  We are so happy for our Poodles and their new owners.
Hi Linda……I was just running around my backyard with Mozart…he LOVES to RUN AROUND….and he loves to play with some “squeeky toys” we bought for him….he now knows how to “sit” when asked….plus he can jump over a bar set about 6 inches high…after which  he gets a small “treat”…..a very smart fellow!  He has lots of energy and loves to play and run around the yard!  He is very active!  :o)
I suppose his “personality” is due to what…the Poodle Breed….his parents that you chose for him….the way he was “socialized” at your kennel…..or all of the above or something else???
Anyway, if you ever want a reference….let me know!  Everyone is happy to have him around!  John B

Hi John,

Thank you so much for letting me know how Mozart is doing.
Mozart is a product of what the Poodle breed has to offer.
Here we put all the “good stuff” into our dogs, healthy, good temperament, good looking, and of course do treat them well.
Some people who do not know how to breed the best into their dogs can create little guys with bad health, bad temperament and not pretty.
I love it that you and your friends are appreciating what we do here.  And thank you for the offer of being a reference.
Wishing you and Mozart, a long, healthy, happy, fun life together!????

This guy rocks!!

Prior to my mom (who has a lot on her plate) taking on this little guy, I was like, hey yer nuts at the thought but i got yer back.  With my father’s health it was just too much for her weeks in.  So I flew out to meet my son. I really think this was planned as I already had an apricot poodle who i put down march 3rd of this year and I feel she wanted to get me home for Xmas and make my loss easier bridging the gap in advance.
This woman and this little guy were something else together.  The bond.  Following her every move, on the lap while driving etc.  There was no me in taking him.   He was already hers.
We made the flight from LA to St. Louis, sitting on my lap
Almost a year later as hes snuggled up on me enjoying a fire, as I am writing to say how rad this little guy is.
Hunter?  Yes.  He’s caught several birds.
Protector?  Yes.  The best guard dog.
Sport dog?  Yes.  X Purina dude across the street is jelly on this dudes agility as he get his puppy on in the front yard.
Lover? Sweets
Chic magnet?  Yes.  He even gets the dudes too.
I guess I want to say thank you for this wonderful addition to my life.   He’s a gem..   well mannered, slightly bonkers. And damn good looking.
We need a giant brother!

Love this pic of Halina & Cinnamon

She arrived! Seems in fine spirits and playing with toys. Here with my daughter.

He’s beautiful!!!!!
He’s so calm.  He was a little shy at first but he’s absolutely wonderful.  Wasnt shaking at all. He slept in car ride home.
He was PURE calm.
After driving home, when we arrived in Hicksville, he woke up and started wagging his tale & was just such a happy boy.
The pickup went great!
I heard he slept all nite.
He’ll see Vet this weekend.

Linda….youre a class act!
Your dogs are impeccable.
Thanks for sending such a great puppy to my friends.
Bless you & your pups.
Xoxo Maggie McGovern
Heres a pic of Kathy & MAX.

Hi Linda, it’s Ben and Joey from Alameda that bought our baby from you a few years ago. Our Maddie is going to be 3 next month. We simply could not love a dog any more than we do our girl. She is the best dog ever. Take a look at her……she’s a cover girl so thought you would enjoy this ! Best regards, Ben and Joey Alameda, CA

Our beautiful retirees, healthy & happy with their new families.

Holly and Teddy, now retired, at 5 years old find their perfect forever homes

I just wanted to give you all an update about the puppy (Hanna’s female one) we brought home last Friday. We named her Miya.
She is very smart and playful. We love her so much already!! ❤️Everybody goes crazy when they see her, she is too cute.

Hope all is well with you and your doggies, I am sending you a birthday update for my little dude. Tomorrow, my Leo is 2!!!!! I can’t believe how fast time has gone. He will always be a puppy in my eyes! He is so strong and healthy and is the happiest little guy around. I take him with me so many places and people always stop to pet him and comment on his cheerful and friendly nature. Here’s an updated picture, he just got groomed the other day so he would be all clean for his birthday. He has a few new toys coming his way!
Thanks for making my little angel!!

Tessa-tu is perfect!
We had no problems bringing her back. She played with a toy in the open crate on my lap, while sitting next to our other baby, Beau, in the car. We were so surprised.
Bottom line: This is the most adorable, happy, and accepting puppy we’ve ever met.
We cannot thank you enough.

Hi Linda how are you? It has been 5 months since we received our beautiful poddles (Zac and Cody). We have been so happy with them. They are so cute and smart. We love them so much. We want to thank you for giving us so much joy!

It’s Jenny and Nikko, we absolutely love our little girl. She is so energetic and loving! Her and our big dog Maverick get along so well too! 🙂 Here are some cute pics we wanted to share with you guys! Thank you so much for our little bundle of joy!

I feel the need to send updates bc Ted is doing so well and such a superstar and I’m so thrilled with him! Turns out we have someone in the neighborhood who has one of your dogs! It’s a female named Minnie and I think she’s about a year. Ted can have play dates in a month according to the vet but the dogs have met and she is gorgeous! I met her mom briefly one day and we gushed over the babies.
Attached are pics from the weekend. Ted’s almost four pounds! He’s a very healthy boy and we just started some training and he’s a quick learner 🙂
Please send his love to everyone and all best!

I just love visiting your site. I just love my Lucy, who is now about 18mos and there isn’t a day that goes by that I am not so thankful to have her. I live in San Antonio. I realize you may not remember where every baby goes, but I wanted to share Lucy (and her sister, Ethel) with you.
…just a side note…Lucy has the most gorgeous legs.

Peaches is a dream come true. She is beautiful, very smart; is fetching, using special place in yard for bathroom, eating, drinking, VERY HAPPY PERSONALITY, very loving and our vet said she is a gorgeous pup obviously from an excellent breeder that know’s their stuff.

Wanted to say hi and give u a status update on the puppy. Teddy is doing amazing! He is the love of my life and we’re together most of the time ?He sleeps well, eats well, plays well and causes complete pandemonium everywhere he goes. He’s growing like a weed and the vet used the word ‘perfect’ to describe him?. Here r a few photos from the weekend. We’re both very happy so thank u again and again and hi to everyone there! I’m sure he misses it!!

Linda I can’t thank you enough for all you do. Lola is just the most amazing dog ever. The Love, pride and true excellence you put into your dogs certainly shows with the end product! And! Miss Lola is one of them!! We love you!

Hi Linda!
Rachel and Leo here. I just wanted to send you another email letting you know how amazing my baby is doing. He is cuter every day. Thanks for making such an angel. He is my best friend and my sweet baby. Just look at those eyes! I could rave about him all day. Hope all is well on your ranch and give my and Leo’s regards to his sis Ivy and his mom!

Just a quick note to let you know Aspen is doing!!! He is potty training ok and becoming a member of our family! He is eating and sleeping well and loves to play! His vet checks are good and he gained a pound already! He is growing like a weed! Thanks again for breeding such a quality dog!

“Linda….how can I thank you….Georgie is so sweet and full of love…I kiss her face off everyday!! She loves us all…but is my little shadow…she has brought so much joy these last two months…she likes shopping with me every day….enjoys her car rides as you can see…lol…BIG HUGS! and here I thought Winnie was the perfect dog…THEY BOTH ARE!!! Oh!! I have had so many people come up to me about Georgie…..so…I handed out all your cards…One lady I met in Costco…she was thrilled to have your card…wanted a red poodle bad…sweet,..thank you again Linda for your sweet heart and beautiful poodles…

Remington (from Hanna’s litter born in April) is soo happy at home with us!! He’s eating well and learning how to use his pee pads. He made my mom’s heart melt and I even got my dad to hold him!! Lynda and everyone else at Red Teddy Bear Poodles – Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles are awesome! Thank you so much for breeding a beautiful healthy puppy! We love Remington so much. ❤️❤️

Just thought I’d update you on Phoenix. He successfully completed his first week in his new home. He is an angel. Thank you so much for my new forever friend and love bug.

Harry & his baby Brother, Duggan representing Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles on Long Island. These boys Know that they are brothers. When they get together, they never leave each others side. They have play dates & I’m so glad my nephew got Duggan. These boys are simply Awesomesauce. My black Schnoodle Lola doesn’t like all the attention the red pups get but we make sure she knows that we love her too.

Linda – Thank you very much for our very own teddy bear with a sweet personality. She loves to play with dad, loves to follow mom around the house. She loves belly rubs! We are very happy to have her in our home. We are excited to see her fully grow into a beautiful moyen poodle. Thanks again! – Michelle & Robert of San Diego

Rudy (Nala’s boy born Mar 27) is an unbelievably wonderful dog — sweet, smart, quick to pick up on house training (he’s not foolproof, but has had several accident-free days in a row when we watch carefully). He’s already loves to play fetch, is getting used to a loose leash and will (sometimes) sit. Are all your puppies this wonderful or did we luck into the pick of the litter? Or a little of both?

We got Teddy, our wonderful red moyen puppy, from you last fall (he was the largest boy in the litter). I have been meaning to check in with you for a while just to let you know how happy we are to have him in our lives.
The whole family is madly in love with him. He is so smart with such a kind demeanor. He loves to play ball with the kids in the backyard and he has daily play dates with our neighbors dog; they love each other! He sleeps by my desk when I work and loves to go out with us whenever he can.
He is like a celebrity when we take him out. Everyone wants to know what kind of dog he is and compliments his beautiful color. People even take pictures of our handsome guy. We have referred you to many people!
Thank you!


Sorry to bother…can you send me the name of the dog food and vitamins you recommend.

I bought coco (apricot poodle) from you last year. She is the best dog and my kids adore her:)

Molly stark

My little Dylan is a very dear little guy. His final size is 11 inches and 8 lbs. He has a lot of personality and spunk and fits in very well in my little pack of three poodles.He was joyful over his first snow here in Omaha last week,and loves his daily wrestling matches with Minna. I have had countless hours of pleasure with these poodles and want you to know that your breeding standard is a gift !


This is truly the most amazing dog we have ever known. He owns the house and as you can see his brothers.

Happy holidays


Hi Linda!!
This little Angel of mine and I just got back from a week in Monterey. She LOVES the beach!!! Such a great traveler!! Thank you being who you are and for the all the Love you give these most wonderful dogs! I just Love Lola to pieces!!
I have her groomed up here at the Soggy Doggy and a gentleman saw Lola when he went to pick up his dog. Anyway, he just bought a Moyen from you! Pretty cool!
Anyway, hope all is well.
Much Love,
Susie & Lola

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Hi Linda,

Angel and Tallulah met your 4-month old red boy at Holmby Park yesterday.

It was so exciting to meet another Scarlets Fancy poodle finally!!

I don’t know the name of the lady, but I’m sure you’ll recognize her.
I always ask where people got their poodles, and finally hit paydirt!

I’d love to meet any of Angel’s friends and relatives (sons? wives? girlfriends?)

who may live in LA.

Angel’s a real character these days, endlessly adorable and fascinating.

I happened to check out your website last week and saw your beautiful moyens!

Hope you’re doing well. We think of you often 🙂

xoxoxoxoxoxox susan and carol

Hi Linda,
Just want to let you know that Ruby has settled in very well In her new home with us. We adore her. She has a wonderful temperament, and is very social. She is clearly highly intelligent; she learns very quickly and responds well to positive reinforcement. And complete strangers stop us and tell us she is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. Thank you for making this new love in our lives possible.We are so glad that Ruby is a part of our family.
Lisa Andelin



I’m Michelle.  I got a wonderful pup… Bella from you last year.  She is doing great☺?.
My husband and I would like to look at some puppies or even adult females you have available.  We reside in Los Angeles,  don’t have a better time to drive over due to our complex schedules (my husband has his business and needs to work in weekends, I work during the week. .. Saturday he has to work).
Can we come over Sunday 09/06/15 around 1.30pm? !
Really appreciate.
Lori Rase Hall's photo.
Annie Rase


I’m forwarding some photos of Oliver that Roxanne took a few days ago.  I’ll also forward one I took about a month ago.  He is now 30 pounds.  He is a beautiful dog, very enthusiastic, and seems very happy, with no bad behavior.  He has a great deep bark, like a dog three times his size.  Right now he is a shy puppy one moment and a brave watch dog the next. But he is not aggressive.  We take him to the farmer’s market in Folsom, which is pretty crowed, and he likes everybody – and of course we get lots of questions about him.  He is very square (height and length), his adult teeth are all in and seem to be perfect.  He has a nice poodle trot.  A well-bred dog.
this is the one I took a month ago:

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