I want to thank Patti Sherfy of Sherfame for her friendship. She has given many hours of her time over the last 9 years helping, mentoring, and sharing with me many invaluable tips on the lessons she has learned about canine genetics over her lifetime.

Poodle ReviewsPatti has been very successful at doing what she loves, putting Champions in the show ring. I appreciate her dedication and passion in keeping the Poodle breed, sound of health, sound of mind and sound of body. These priorities, in that order has kept her passion alive and strong for raising healthy, happy, beautiful Poodles over the last 60 years. She was gifted with the fascination for genetics, and has the rare talent for putting genetic families together to produce healthy, happy, beautiful off- spring. She has accomplished this year after year.

We share the interest of Red and Apricot Poodles in particular. We have the same values about keeping animals sound, whether it be Poodles, or other breeds or other species of domesticated animals.  We both see the sad results of poor breeding from those who don’t care enough, or who don’t know enough. And we both believe that putting together pairs who are genetically compatible is of most importance in keeping this wonderful breed healthy and vibrant in the years to come.

Patti has lovingly passed her knowledge on to me. Knowledge that can only be gained from experience. We hold dearly to the understanding that breeders must be responsible stewards. Any work done must be in the direction of improving upon, and never compromising the health, temperament or beauty of this very special breed, the Poodle. I think the biggest compliment to her would be for me, someday, to pass on the knowledge that I have gained from her to another person who will value it as much as I do.


Linda DeBlauw,      Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles


Paul takes home his new puppy.


Thank you!!!???? He’s a happy energetic member of our family who we all love dearly.????


Glory the beautiful Red Moyen, owned by David and Judith

Kim and Alan’s Baby at 10 months.

Sending you Hugs and Best Wishes.

You are a GODDESS of Poodles. Janet

A Helping Hand!

Hi... this is Claire's boy Jamie who landed on the dishwasher when I turned around to load it (a new first for me!)... he is an adorable "pistol" let me tell you... teething is a trip!  Best always, Julie


Hi Linda! This is Karen. We got one of Nova’s little girls born on 5/3. We named her Annie and love her dearly! She got her first hair cut.

Halina our granddaughter gets a dog walking job!  So good for the dogs and for her.

Benny (for benediction) is enjoying his piggy.


Linda, we are so grateful. Everything is going so well. He is not super fond of soiling his crate during the night because he really is great at letting us know that it’s time to go during the day.
We take him every hour during the day and he totally responds to Get Busy. He’s settling in beautifully and seems very happy. Totally affectionate and comfortable and confident. He’s also fine with his harness and leash, his new environment and new sounds and smells. Doesn’t seem fazed in the least!
Hope all is well at your end. Thank you again. It was just wonderful spending time with you on Sunday

Jake’s new Moyen at his own vet’s check.

Jake and his new Moyen boy.

Loki is doing Great! Anita called today and also sent me this picture of him. She said the family just loves him and he’s such a good boy and he’s so spoiled. Loki and the other two dogs they have play together. Perfect Match!

I hope you are doing well. My son is getting married in Avila at the See Canyon Fruit Ranch November 2. It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to spend time there with our schedule. Looking forward to being in our favorite area.

Dear Linda, I hope you are doing well.

Wishing to share a photo of this little guy.
On Sunday he will be six months! So thankful to you. Hope the end of your summer has been good and that you continue to feel better very day. All my best, Alison

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