Available Puppies

All Puppies pictured below are available and ready to be adopted now.  Updated daily

~Operation Permit C2598

~licensed – sales tax will be calculated on your puppy purchase


~caring stewards of the Poodle breed

WE SPECIALIZE IN FINE QUALITY RED and APRICOT POODLE PUPPIES that will be sold to PET HOMES, registration will be limited (sold as pets).  We also have puppies that are show prospects.  They will be sold upon agreement with full registration.

* If the puppy you have decided on becomes unavailable (due to any unforeseen  cause, or you are unable to take your puppy when it is ready to go home) your reservation deposit will be placed in first position for the next available puppy of the  same size, sex and color.

*If you are interested in a puppy that is not shown in the pictures below, email us.   We may have the puppy you are looking for.

Very Rare Red Moyen/Klein male puppies available Jan 2015

Red Moyen males, natural look on tail.  Tested parents.  Gorgeous dogs, they look like Standard Poodles, but are 1/2 the size, making them much more versatile than the bigger dogs.  Adult weight will be 25 – 35 lbs.

Temperaments and comformation, excellent.  AKC registered $2500.

These pups will need a owner who has a large back yard  who will appreciate the high level of intelligence and trainability traits  they possess, by taking them to puppy and adult training classes you will get the most out of your purebred Poodle.

Pictures will be taken when they are 7 weeks old and have passed their Vet Checks

Now is a good time to reserve.


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Cayenne’s boy chip #2802 dob 08/17/2014

This little boy is everything a really good Poodle should be.   Vet Checked is healthy and ready for his permanent home.  Playful, happy and intelligent.  This puppy is good for people of all ages.  AKC reg $1500.

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