Available Puppies

All Puppies pictured below are available and ready to be adopted now.  Updated daily

~Operation Permit C2598

~licensed – sales tax will be calculated on your puppy purchase


~caring stewards of the Poodle breed

WE SPECIALIZE IN extra FINE QUALITY RED and APRICOT POODLE PUPPIES that will be sold to PET HOMES, registration will be limited (sold as pets).  We also have puppies that are show prospects.  They will be sold upon agreement with full registration.

* If the puppy you have decided on becomes unavailable (due to any unforeseen  cause, or you are unable to take your puppy when it is ready to go home) your reservation deposit will be placed in first position for the next available puppy of the  same size, sex and color.

*If you are looking for a puppy that is not shown below, email us and tell us the specifics of what you are looking for in your puppy.  We may have the puppy you are looking for, but it may not yet be posted.

Venus’ male dob 1/28/15 chip # 5439

Extra handsome and playful.  Excellent health, temperament, beauty.   UKC reg.  $1500

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Venus’ female dob 1/28/15 chip # 1205

Beautiful little girl, excellent health, temperament, beauty.  UKC reg $1500

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Venus’ male dob 1/28/15 chip #2794

Excellent health, temperament, beauty.  This boy will mature at 10 – 12 lbs.  UKC reg. $1500

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Venus’ female dob 1/28/15 chip #4378

Excellent health, temperament and beauty.  UKC reg $1500

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Rare red Moyen/Klein male pup

This puppy is 5 months old.  He is very sweet, gentle and easy to be with.  He has been Vet checked, is healthy with an excellent temperament.  His adult weight will be approx 25 lbs. when he catches up to the size of his feet.  If you are interested in this puppy, ask us for a video of him.   AKC reg, $2000

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We have 2 bargain pups available for $500 each

These pups have been Vet checked and their Health Guarantee is fully in effect.  There are 2 females available.  They will mature at 10 – 12 lbs.  One is red, the other apricot.  Both beautiful with an excellent temperaments.    If you are interested,  please contact us.

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