Available Poodle Puppies


To protect our puppies, we will be waiting until the puppy is 7 weeks old before their first photo shoot. Please be courteous to this decision and view the quality puppies we have produced in the past in our gallery.

  • Operation Permit C2598
  • Licensed – sales tax will be calculated on your puppy purchase
  • Inspected
  • Caring stewards of the Poodle breed

WE SPECIALIZE IN extra FINE QUALITY RED and APRICOT POODLE PUPPIES that will be sold to PET HOMES, registration will be limited (sold as pets).  We also have puppies that are show prospects.  They will be sold upon agreement with full registration.

If the puppy you have decided on becomes unavailable (due to any unforeseen cause, or you are unable to take your puppy when it is ready to go home) your reservation deposit will be placed in the first position for the next available puppy of the same size, sex, and color.

Holly’s tiny female, dob 10/27/16, chip #9679, adult wt 3.5 – 3.75 lbs

This tiny little girl is really gorgeous!  She has excellent porportions.   She is happy, playful loves people.  We do keep these tiny dogs until they are at least 16 weeks to make sure they are well started and are ready to go to their permanent homes.  Because of her tiny size she will do best in a household with adults only.  Any other pets in the household should be under 10 lbs.  100% on her vet check.  AKC registered, $3500 RESERVED

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Sheba’s girl, dob 11/09/16, chip # 5193, adult wt. 4 – 4.5 lbs

This tiny toy girl is a excellent pup.  Her permanent coat will come in full and thick.  She will carry a great Teddy Bear look.  We do keep these small pups until they are at least 16 weeks to make sure that they are well started before they go to their permanent homes.  Very good temperament, happy, playful, suitable for an adult home.  Vet check 100%, AKC registered $3000.

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Bindy’s female, dob 1/12/17, chip #8946, adult weight 8 – 10 lbs

Really nice puppy.  Happy, playful good family puppy.  100% on her vet check.  AKC registered $2000

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Dixie’s boy, Dob 12/25/16, chip #8775, adult wt approx 6.5 – 8 lbs

This is a very nice, vet checked 100%, excellent temperament, good for adults for families with children over 10 yrs old.  Color – honey red, AKC reg, $2000

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