Available Puppies

All Puppies pictured below are available and ready to be adopted now.  Updated daily

~Operation Permit C2598



~caring stewards of the Poodle breed

WE SPECIALIZE IN FINE QUALITY RED and APRICOT POODLE PUPPIES that will be sold to PET HOMES, registration will be limited (sold as pets).  We also have puppies that are show prospects.  They will be sold upon agreement with full registration.

All puppies go home with:

1.  Microchip inserted, and the information to register your new family member in the national microchip databank.

2.  A letter from our Vet, includes the microchip # of your puppy, the d.o.b., name of mother, name of father, and a statement that includes all the findings of the Vet’s inspection of puppy.

3.  DNA Opti-Gen Certificate of Sire.

4.  Pedigrees of both parents.

5.  Health records for your puppy showing dates of all vaccinations given.

6.  Starter pack of Nu-Vet Supplements.

7.  Sample of the foods your puppy has been weaned on.

8.  Registration transfer papers if your puppy has been advertised as being sold with registration papers.

9.  The Guarantee of good health and temperament that is printed on Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles website, guarantee will be activated when you have taken your puppy in for it’s “Well Puppy Check” with your Vet. 

10.  Puppy Care information that gives you information you will need to raise your puppy into a healthy, happy, adult.


* If the puppy you have decided on becomes unavailable (due to any unforeseen  cause, or you are unable to take your puppy when it is ready to go home) your reservation deposit will be placed in first position for the next available puppy of the  same size, sex and color.


If you are interested in a puppy that is not shown in the pictures below, email us.   We may have the puppy you are looking for.

Sunshine’s boy chip #6847 dob 8/24/14

Sunshine’s boy is a very pretty pup.  He will be approx 7 – 9 lbs when grown.  He is adorable with a excellent temperament.  Best for people over 15 years old.   He is on the smaller size for a Poodle, dark Apricot.  AKC registered, $1500.

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Cayenne’s boy chip #1896 dob 8/17/14

A really cute puppy.  This pup has been Vet Checked is healthy with a great temperament.  He will be big enough to be a good companion for walks or hikes, to get into your car by himself and go upstairs or jump on and off of furniture.  He is a very versatile size.  Good for people of all ages.   Estimated adult weight 10 – 12 lbs.   AKC registered, $1500

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Cayenne’s boy chip #2802 dob 10/17/2014

This little boy is everything a really good Poodle should be.   Vet Checked is healthy and ready for his permanent home.  Playful, happy and intelligent.  This puppy is good people of all ages.  AKC reg $1500.

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Soleil’s boy chip # dob

This sweet little guy is ready to be adopted.  He has been Vet Checked, is healthy and is ready to be adopted.  He will not need the very close care that a very young puppy will need.  Suitable for people who have already owned a Poodle, and love the intelligence of Poodles.  His adult weight will be approx 10 lbs.   All vaccinations are current.  He is ready to go to puppy training classes.   Sold as a pet  $800

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Chantilly’s girl dob 8/12/14 chip #1193

This girl is Vet checked and microchipped.  She is healthy and would be fine with children 10 years old.  Her estimated adult weight is 9 – 10 lbs.  AKC registered, $1500

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Olivia’s boy, dob 6/30/14 chip #9489

This handsome little guy is happy, with an excellent temperament, he loves to play.  He is an a good size for children.  His estimated adult weight will be 10 – 12 lbs.  He has been Vet Checked and is healthy and ready to be adopted.  $1000 

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