Natural Alternatives to Flea and Tick Gels

Flea and tick drops are toxic, and systemic, and flow through your dog’s bloodstream. Then, the fleas and Diatomaceous earth, a known all natural pest repellent. ticks drink the toxic blood and die. Here at Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles, we NEVER use any toxins.  We do not have even one flea or tick on our dogs.

Fleas and ticks can infect your dogs in any season, but as the weather warms up and your dog spends more time outside, it’s a great time to be on alert. There are many products out there said to help, but in many cases, there are severe side effects, such as: blindness, seizures and death.

Would you ingest a toxic substance that is systemic in your own body every month?  Why would you give it to your dog?

Below are some natural alternatives, and some reasons why people are choosing them as opposed to over the counter flea and tick medication.

Diatomaceous Earth

A natural non-toxic product continues to keep us flea and tick free is food grade diatomaceous earth.  Diatomaceous earth is used by farmers to keep pests off of their livestock, and has been used for years for similar purposes. You can also use Diatomaceous earth in your garden to make sure those pests stay far away! Diatomaceous earth is used as a garden amendment, a filter for swimming pools, and in tooth polish!

We spread the diatomaceous earth in our areas where the dogs frequent, such as the backyards and surrounding areas. We spread it so that it looks like a light dusting of snow.  When spreading be sure to wear your sun glasses and a face mask, as it is gritty.

We use only Diatomaceous earth that has been mined for its many uses. it is an all-natural alternative to toxins, and at scarlets fancy we believe it works more efficiently.


Some Dogs are More Sensitive

People are becoming more concerned about the toxic side effects of these medications. To read more about this, click here. Some of the side effects listed were: seizures, stumbling, and in severe cases, death.

Linda, breeder of Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles has a lot of experience over the many years of breeding Poodles and talking with clients, who’s dogs have experienced dangerous, or deadly results from using the flea/tick meds.

Should your dog pick up any fleas while out and about, use Tropiclean natural flea and tick shampoo. It is very effective, and the ingredients are essential oils.

This isn’t meant to frighten you, but rather it is to educate you and protect your furry loved ones! Here at Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles, we love each pup like it is our own. We are a family business and have been proudly raising poodles for nearly 60 years. We want the best for you and your new puppy, and believe in giving our customers information so that they can make the best decisions. We take caring for our puppies very seriously and have an application process to ensure that they go to great homes. To begin your puppy adoption process, fill out an application today!

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