How To Protect Your Poodle in The Colder Months

As we move closer to fall and winter, many of us are starting feel the coolness in the air- including our pups! a small brown poodle in a warm vest

While Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles is located in Central Coastal California, that doesn’t mean we can’t have chilly weather at times! People come from all over to purchase our poodles, meaning that our pups can be anywhere, enjoying various types of weather!

Whether it’s your first time with a poodle or you have experience, by adhering to the following tips, you can ensure your poodle stays safe and warm this winter!

Protect Those Paws and Noses!

Much like how to protect your poodle from the heat, your pup’s paws are sensitive! There are all-natural balms and salves designed with safety in mind. These salves can help protect against hot and cold temperatures and the harsh salt that is often on roads and sidewalks in winter. These salves are also great at helping noses not get cracked and dry!

To protect their paws without salves or balms, we suggest getting booties.


Bundle Up

Bundling up your poodle not only looks adorable but is practical! There are a wide array of coats, jackets, and sweaters available to buy for your dog. We recommend getting a water-resistant coat for the winter, that way if it is snowing outside, snow does not soak into it! If you’re walking your poodle in the snow, make sure they wear snow boots!

With any clothing or shoes, it is important to ensure that your poodle is comfortable and that the clothing fits well. It is important to slowly introduce your poodle to clothing- make sure to have them try the clothing on and walk around your home with it a few separate times before taking them out in the cold.


General Tips

We recommend brushing your poodle around twice a week in the winter, so that groomers can leave your poodle’s coat longer for extra warmth! It is also important to keep your dog well hydrated in the winter! Many people think that because it is cold, less water is needed. This is wrong; your poodle should have constant access to fresh, clean water, no matter the season!

It is still important to keep your poodle active in the winter, so this may mean getting up before snow is expected, or, if snow is unavoidable, making sure you properly dry them off and warm them up after!

Here at Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles, we love each pup like our own. We are a family business and have proudly raised poodles for nearly 60 years. We take caring for our puppies very seriously and have an application process to ensure that they go to great homes. If you are from out of state and are approved, please note we do not ship puppies. However, you can assist in arranging for a flight nanny to carry your puppy and meet you at any major airport within the United States! To begin your puppy adoption process, fill out an application today!

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