Hypoallergenic Dog Qualities

Poodles are often cited as a hypoallergenic dog breed. Their individual hair follicles have an active growth period that is longer than that of many other breeds of dogs; combined with the tightly curled coat, which slows the loss of dander and dead hair by trapping it in the curls, an individual poodle may release less dander and hair into the environment. In addition, most poodles are frequently brushed and bathed to keep them looking their best; this not only removes hair and dander, but also controls the other potent allergen, saliva.

Purebred Poodles have long been the most recommended breed of dog by dermatologists and allergists.

Poodle mixes – Take extra care when adopting a (Poodle mix) such hybrids that only have one hypoallergenic parent in the mix. Pups within the same litter will vary in type and are just as likely to inherit the traits of the non hypoallergenic parent.

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