Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What breed are they?
A: We breed fine-quality 100% pure-bred poodles.

Q: What is a teddy bear poodle?
A: A teddy bear poodle is 100% poodle with a teddy bear haircut.

Q: Do you have puppies available now? Will you in the future?
A: When we have puppies available, the ones that are ready to be chosen are posted on the Available Puppies page, others that are younger will have their pictures taken as soon as they have passed their vet checks at 7 weeks. We will continue breeding puppies in the future.

Q: How do I get a puppy from you?
A: Go to the Available Puppies tab. If puppies are listed there, fill out the form underneath the puppy that you like. We will email you back regarding that puppy. We do not take reservations for puppies that are not posted on the website. We do not keep a waiting list. You can email us, and we will get back with you as soon as possible about the litters that will be posted in the near future.

Q: What is the difference in temperament between boys and girls?
A: These rules do not apply to ALL poodles, but boys tend to be more friendly towards all family members while the girls tend to be more “one person dogs.”

Q: What size do we breed? What are the prices?

A: We breed several sizes here at Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles and Prices vary. Please see the tabs under Sizes and Pricing.

Q: When can you send me a picture of my new puppy?
A: We take pictures of our available puppies once they have passed their vet checks at 7 weeks and post their photos on the Available Puppies page. We do not take pictures before this. If you would like to see what our puppies look like, take a look at our gallery for recent pictures of puppies we have raised and sent home previously. Or go to our Facebook page –

Q: Do you have a health guarantee?
A: Yes, we have a 2 year health guarantee against all genetic problems.

Q: I’m looking for an older dog. Do you have any retirees available for sale?
A: Rarely. Our doggies do not have any training as we are breeders, not trainers. Expect to spend the same time and effort on them as you would a puppy with care and training. In order to obtain one of our retirees, you must have had a poodle in the past.

Q: Why do sizes and colors vary among the same litter?
A: Each puppy is an individual obtaining genetics from their ancestry. Puppies can be larger than their parents or smaller than the parents, just like people. We cannot guarantee adult weights. Mother Nature has the last word.

Q: When can I pick my puppy up? Can you ship?
A: We send our puppies home at 9 weeks at the earliest depending on the size of the puppy. This could vary depending on many factors as a young puppy is similar to a young child’s development. We are not shipping for the foreseeable future.

Q: I have a small child in the house. Can I get a puppy from you?
A: We do not send toy sized puppies or smaller to a house with a child.  Miniatures or Moyens are however an ideal size for a house with smaller children.

Q: Do you dock tails?
A: Yes, we dock tails on all of our puppies except the Moyens.

Q: Do you sell breeding stock?
A: Rarely. We will sell only to approved purebred poodle breeders,   There must be an agreement in writing by both parties for breeding rights.  We do not sell dogs for breeding doodles or other poodle mix breeds.