Teddy Bear Poodles – Toys and Miniatures – Available August 2017

Red and Apricot Poodle Puppies

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Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles – Now featuring the Moyen/Klein 

Check out the rarest size and color of purebred Poodles in the world today.  Most people have not seen a truly Red Poodle, we have the newest size recently imported from Europe.  They are lovely dogs.  Parents are completely tested.  Be one of the first in the US to own one of these wonderful dogs.  The look of a Standard, but about 1/2 the size.  Adult weights 20 – 30 lbs. pups available to reserve late August 2017.  Ready to go home later part of August 2017.

Teddy Bear Poodles For Sale

We understand that buying a puppy over the internet is a new experience for most people.  There are ways to determine if the person you are talking with is a legitimate, experienced, honest breeder or is a scam artist or a puppy mill.

We have written down a guide for you.  The Buying guide is located on the side tab “Take the worry out of buying your puppy online”.  You are looking for a healthy, happy, family member. this free guide provides you with the questions that you should ask your breeder.

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~American Kennel Club inspected in compliance

~caring stewards of the Poodle breed

updated daily

Our promise to you – a puppy that has all the qualities of The AKC Breed Standard. 

A well bred Poodle is highly intelligent, beautiful, loyal, and among the very top rated companion breeds.

Our temperaments are happy, friendly, and of course intelligent!  Our dogs and puppies are gorgeous from the inside out.


Honest representation of size, color, health, temperament and pedigree of all California AKC and  Poodle Puppies. We are an ethical, licensed, responsible breeder of quality purebred, AKC  registered poodle puppies. We love sharing our passion for wonderfully bred, happy, healthy poodles. Our family has raised Poodles for nearly 50 years in the same location: an old fashioned little ranch, perfect for giving the best of care to our moms, dads and precious puppies. We go to great lengths to acquire excellent parents, bred from red AKC  Champions.   Selectively bred from red lines for at least 5 generations to produce puppies with excellent health, temperaments and absolutely show-stopping beauty!

We are located in California on the beautiful central coast, one half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  It is a easy day drive to our little Poodle Ranch.

Our beaches are famous for driving on the beach and camping on the sand next to the Pacific ocean.  Boating, fishing, sunbathing, and the temperate weather attract many visitors year round.

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Red Poodle Puppies


Red Tiny Poodle Puppies & Teacup Poodle Puppies


Red Moyen-Klein Poodle Puppies


Red Teddy Bear Toy Poodle Puppies

Linda, Kimberly and Mikaela



I just wanted to follow up to tell you that our little poodle is doing just fine.
We have named him Ogbert.
It is the name of one of my picture book characters.
We took him to the vet yesterday and he passed his first exam with flying colors.
In the waiting room everyone wanted to know what sort of dog he was.
We are so happy with him.
He taught us a trick on the first night of retrieving tossed objects and promptly depositing them into his crate, than hopping out!
We are being very careful that Ogbert does not train us!
The vet warned us that poodles are just too darn smart!
All the best.
Vincent & Jim!


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