How to Find the Right Poodle Breeder

Buying Puppies Online

Know who you are buying from. DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM OF FRAUD.  Never send money until you have performed a thorough check of the breeder you are considering. A checklist to help you is provided below.

Like with any pet, finding a breeder for red poodles that is both reliable and trustworthy isn’t always easy. It can be confusing to wade through the different options online to seek who is legitimate and who is not.

In addition, being able to sign a contract that answers your needs, as well as the dog’s, is something that takes a significant amount of research beforehand.

Puppy mills are facilities where a majority of pet stores get their pets from, and they are widely known in the industry for their cruel and negligent treatment. Buyers will find this out later, and, unfortunately, it often carries a serious emotional toll. In all occasions, a reputable breeder is preferred over these facilities so avoid them at all costs.

There are also a number of non-legitimate breeding websites out there that present themselves as a breeder who cares, when, in fact, their practices mirror a puppy mill’s.  Beware of those websites and ads that claim their puppies are “home raised” they are generally back yard breeders.   Don’t be fooled—see what people say online, on review sites, or in testimonials about the breeder in question, and then decide from there.

Know What You’re Signing

As with any contract, you’re going to want to understand the terms and conditions that you’re lending your signature to when purchasing a red poodle. Sometimes, breeders will include clauses that allow them to have a say in a major decision, like neutering or spaying the dog that some owners may not want.  Whatever the situation may be, just make sure the contract you’re agreeing to balances the demands of yourself, the breeder, and, most importantly, the new poodle puppy  you’re taking home.

Know Your Breeder

Last but not least, finding a responsible breeder is integral. These breeders are usually diehard dog fans.  A reputable breeder will make this clear by being able to provide you with all the answers to the questions below.

Once you’ve taken these factors into consideration, we hope you’ll visit Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles, where every day, we work to find our red poodles the homes and owners they deserve.

Scammers are predators.  The questions below will give you pertinent  questions that can determine whether you are communicating with someone trying to defraud you, or whether they are legitimate.  The Scammers are counting on you to not know these questions.

A reputable breeder can sell their puppies without the help of a Puppy Broker. How can you identify a PUPPY BROKER?

A Puppy Broker will show pictures of puppies that  they have pre “named”, and the puppies will come from different breeders.  They will be advertising pups that look like poodles, but many times are mixes, or are poor quality.  Brokers state that they only Broker pups that are healthy with good temperaments. This is something they cannot possibly know because they are not where the puppies live.  It is just another way to market Puppy Mill, or backyard breeder pups.  Do know that unscrupulous people can fake American Kennel Club papers.

All puppies are cute, it is hard, but resist falling in love at first sight.  Scammers are counting on that, and on you not to know and ask for documentation of these pertinent questions.

Here are the questions that separate the good breeders from the bad breeders.  Do not be embarrassed or feel like you are prying. A legitimate breeder will be happy that you have asked these questions.  It shows you have done your homework.

Your questions – be proactive!

1. Do your puppies have the needed vaccinations for Parvo, distemper, kennel cough, and Bivelent Flu? Will you provide me with a Health Record, showing the dates and manufacturers of their vaccinations?
2. Do I receive AKC registration papers when I receive my puppy?
3. Do you microchip your dogs and puppies?
4. Do you have a Vet check the puppies before they are sold?
5. Will you provide me with a Vet check that has the pup’s microchip on it signed by a licensed Veterinarian?
6. Do you have Genetic testing done on your breeding dogs?
7. Will you provide me with the genetic testing done on the parents of the puppy I am considering?
8. Do you have a written health guarantee?
9. Has the lines of dogs you breed ever shown signs of: Seizures, thyroid disorder, renal, eye, hip dysplasia, leg perthes, cushings, addisons or any other disorder? If a breeder has been breeding long enough, they will have experienced at least some disorders and will be honest with you about this, and how they worked through it.
10.Are you licensed and inspected by your local authorities, and by the American Kennel Club. Will you provide me with this documentation?

If the breeder you are inquiring with claims they can provide you with the information to these questions, you are dealing a good breeder. But do make sure you get a hard copy with the above documents.

Over the years I have had conversations with a lot of heartbroken people who have just lost their beloved pet because of a genetic disorder that the puppy was born with, but was not apparent when they bought the puppy.  Nearly all genetic defects can be prevented by ethical breeding practices.  My heart goes out to the adult dogs and their puppies that were born without regard for the quality of life all canines deserve.  And  for their owners who have spent countless hours and lots of money trying to keep their pet comfortable.


Great puppies are not created out of chance or luck. They are a progeny of a of ethical breeder.

Linda DeBlauw