Toy or Miniature Poodle?

Which size Poodle would be the best fit for you and your family?

Tiny Toy

8″ – 9″ to top of shoulder. Weight at maturity 3 – 5 lbs
These are best owned by adults because their tiny size makes them unsuitable for children. The thrive under close companionship with their owners. They are indoor pets, requiring daily exercise outside, or play in home. Tiny toy poodles are light enough to carry with you everywhere you go. Their small size disqualifies them from leash walking, play with larger dogs, play with children, or jumping off of a couch or bed.  They are wonderful travel companions.   We are a California based apricot poodle breeder, so make sure to look at our beautiful tiny toy puppies!


10″ tall to top of shoulder. Weight at maturity 5 – 8 lbs.
These are best owned by adults or families with children over the age of 10. They are ideal for smaller living spaces, making wonderful companions since they love being with their owners. They thrive with close human companionship. Toy poodles are not fragile, but they are also not robust enough to be around small children. We are a toy red poodle breeder, so give us a call to inquire about these amazing companions!

Oversize Toy

11″ tall to top of shoulder. Weight at maturity 8 – 11 lbs.
These Poodles are hearty, love to be a part of family activities and are good with children over 8. They need daily exercise, loving to go for walks on a leash and on car rides. Oversize toys can easily jump onto couches and beds. They make good watchdogs and thrive with daily companionship.


12″ – 15″ tall to top of shoulder. Weight at maturity 12 – 18 lbs at maturity.
Miniatures are very hearty and do best in active homes. Many are good athletes, and some even do agility events.They are confident, go-anywhere, do-anything dogs. Great for all children, joggers, and hikers and families, making great watchdogs. These indoor dogs enjoy lots of interaction with owners, daily exercise, romping and walks.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the different sizes and how your new poodle will best fit into your lifestyle, please go to the Available Puppies page to see some of our puppies. All Poodles love to attend Puppy Training classes. It helps them to learn to relate to their owners and other dogs in the most positive way.

**All puppies are SOLD AS PETS and will be given a limited status on their American Kennel Club Dog Registration which indicates that he/she will not be used for breeding.**