Top Tricks for Grooming Your Dog

As summer approaches, it’s a great time to give your pup some extra love! Whether you want to take A poodle puppy getting a bath some time and groom your poodle at home, or you want to take your pup to the groomer, there are some key things you want to ensure get done.


The best brush for your pup is a slicker brush. They’re composed of thin wire bristles that allow hair to easily get brushed out. Don’t brush too vigorously, as it could scratch the skin. Speaking of brushing, you can also get a puppy toothbrush to make sure your pup is healthy inside and out!


You want to make sure that your pup gets its nails trimmed. Look around online for different types of trimmers, however your best bed for a poodle is a stainless steel, larger pair. Start by taking a little bit of the nail off, and at the end of the nail trimming you can give your dog a treat to create a positive association!


You should trim the fur on your poodles’ feet, as well as the rest of their body and face. There are many different types of cuts for your poodle, so you can go with what feels and looks best!


You should give your poodle a bath no more than once a week. It is recommended that you give your pup a bath around once a month. Use oatmeal shampoo, but should your dog pick up any fleas while out and about, use Tropiclean natural flea and tick shampoo. It is very effective, and the ingredients are essential oils.

If you decide to take your dog to a groomer, we have two main tips:

  1. Trust Your Intuition
  2. Ask Around

Word of mouth is a great way to find a fantastic groomer. However, the number one tip is to trust your intuition when it comes to another person caring for your pup. You want someone who is gentle, knows what they are doing, and will listen to any concerns or requests that you have.

We recommend you bring your own Tropiclean shampoo and ask your groomers to use it, as well as make it clear that you do not want your poodle to receive a flea dip. We also recommend you ask the groomer to express your poodles anal glands.

Here at Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles, we love each pup like it is our own. We are a family business and have been proudly raising poodles for nearly 60 years. We take caring for our puppies very seriously and have an application process to ensure that they go to great homes. To begin your puppy adoption process, fill out an application today!

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