Why Pets Shouldn’t Be Given As Gifts

Animals of any kind should never be given as a gift. While it may seem sweet to surprise someone with a pet they’ve always dreamed of, it is important to ensure the person is prepared to care for the puppy.

Many people also see tiny puppies and sometimes forget they can grow into big dogs! Simply put, animals are not a one-time purchase you can give to someone like you would a book or toy.

Different dog breeds require different things, and in general, below are two main factors to consider before surprising someone with a pet. Instead, we suggest working with the future recipient to help them get their dream pet- but more on that later!


Just like newborns, puppies require care and dedication!

Our application process goes through various questions that will help determine if one of our poodles is the right fit. All of these need to be answered honestly and accurately- which can be hard to do if you are buying one as a gift for somebody else. Picking out a pet is a highly personal decision based on many factors.

Due to this, it’s best you work collaboratively with whoever you want to give a puppy to. We know it won’t be like the holiday movies with a puppy leaping out of a big box to surprise everyone- but you can still give an amazing gift!


Similar to the above, puppies cost money to take care of! Some costs to consider are vet, grooming, food, toys, and specialized care items for the summer and winter!

Poodles need to be groomed more often than other breeds- however, that is to the benefit of you, your house, and your vacuum! You will cut down on time and energy spent vacuuming as these grooming sessions more or less eliminate shedding.

All this being said- you shouldn’t shy away from working with a family member who desires to own a puppy or poodle. You could always help them in their adoption process. A good rule of thumb is to check with the parents if it’s for a child, or, ensure that whoever is receiving the poodle has prior experience, and has expressed great interest.

Poodles are the most intelligent and trainable breed! You, or the recipient, will be loving and caring for this breed for many years. We have many tips on our blog to ensure you give your best friend the best care.

Here at Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles, we love each pup like our own. We are a family business and have proudly raised poodles for nearly 60 years. We take caring for our puppies very seriously, and our application process to ensures that they go to great homes. You can check our available poodles here.

To begin your puppy adoption process, fill out an application today!

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