Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What breed are they?
A: We breed fine-quality 100% pure-bred poodles.

Q: What is a teddy bear poodle?
A: A teddy bear poodle is 100% poodle with a teddy bear haircut.

Q: Do you have puppies available now? Will you in the future?
A: Yes, we have puppies now and we will continue breeding puppies in the future.

Q: How do I get a puppy from you?
A: The first step in obtaining one of our puppies you must go to our website and fill out the form under either the “Where Do I Start?” button to be placed on a waiting list or the “How to Reserve” button to be placed on our priority list. This is a REQUIREMENT for any further information.

Q: What is the difference in temperament between boys and girls?
A: These rules to no apply to ALL poodles, but boys tend to be more friendly towards all family members while the girls tend to be more “one person dogs.”

Q: What size do we breed? What are the prices?
A: We breed several sizes here at Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles.
Our moyens are smaller than a standard and bigger than a miniature. They weigh between 18-30 lbs. $3,000.
Miniatures are 10-17 lbs. $2,000
Toys are 5-10 lbs. The smaller they are, the more they cost. $2,000-$2,500
Teacups are 3->5 lbs. The smaller they are, the more they cost. $3,500-$4,500

Q: When can you send me a picture of my new puppy?
A: We take pictures of our available puppies once they have passed their vet checks at 7 weeks. We do not take pictures before this. If you would like to see what our puppies look like, take a look at our gallery for recent pictures of puppies we have raised and sent home previously.

Q: Do you have a health guarantee?
A: Yes, we have a three year health guarantee against all genetic problems.

Q: I’m looking for an older dog. Do you have any retirees available for sale?
A: Yes we do. Our doggies do not have any training as we are breeders, not trainers. Expect to spend the same time and effort on them as you would a puppy with care and training. In order to obtain one of our retirees, you must have had a poodle in the past.

Q: Why do sizes and colours vary among the same litter?
A: Each puppy is an individual obtaining genetics from their ancestry. Puppies can be larger than their parents or smaller than the parents.

Q: When can I pick my puppy up? Can you ship?
A: We send our puppies home at 8 weeks at the earliest depending on the size of the puppy, and can be shipped to you no earlier than 12 weeks. This could vary depending on many factors as a young puppy is similar to a young child’s development.

Q: I have a small child in the house. Can I get a puppy from you?
A: We do not send toy sized puppies or smaller to a house with a child under the age of 6. Miniatures are however an ideal size for a house with smaller children.

Q: Do you dock tails?
A: Yes, we dock tails on all of our puppies save the moyens. If you do not like the docked tail you are welcome to pay for the puppy in full before birth.

Q: Do you sell breeding stock?
A: Rarely. We will sell only to approved purebred poodle breeders. We do not sell dogs for breeding doodles or other poodle mix breeds.

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