Red Poodles

With all the colors available in Poodles it could be hard to choose your puppy.  However, it is the red Poodle that is so very rare, so stunning and so special!

The DNA of is still being researched in an attempt to better understand the “rufus” gene.  It does appear that it is a completely separate gene than the other poodle colors.

Red Poodles are the newest color developed, it only became a official color in 1980.  A red poodle will have black points, nose, gums, underpaws and very dark eyes.  Liver points are acceptable, but not preferred.

Red poodles are a stunningly beautiful color, one that is very close to the color or humans with natural red hair.  Poodles come in the light red (new copper color) to the darkest of any human with dark auburn hair.

Ilse Konig was the first person who developed the red color.    It was first developed on the Standard Poodle, then crossed with a Apricot miniature female.  After many years of selective breeding, we now have Red Poodles in all the poodle sizes.  While developing the color, it was imperative to breed for all the qualities of a well bred poodle, which includes temperament, health, conformation and beauty.   Missing any one of these characteristics the red poodles would not be complete.

Typically red poodle puppies are born quite red, then when they are about 6 weeks old their coats will turn less red.  Then at about 10 weeks you can see a definite dark red line next to the skin where the new coat color is coming in.  It is thrilling to see.

The Red Poodle can go through many changes is color from lighter to darker to lighter then to darker again.  Each dog is an individual just like humans and their mature color changes cannot be predicted by the color of the puppy.  Some dark apricot poodles will stay a brighter color than the red poodles.

The Poodle breed is a breed that does change color, as do some other breeds.  Do be aware that red poodles can fade, it is common for these breeds to lighten up as they age.   Each dog is an individual and will change   This is not to say that the mature coat will not be gorgeous in it’s own right.

Poodles tend to lead lively energetic lives.  Their intelligence lends them to being playful and enjoying being stimulated with games, and human interaction.  Poodles are extremely loyal companions, making them ideal pets.   They love to learn tricks and will perform for audiences of enthusiastic onlookers.

Their hair can be cut into a natural shaggy look called a “TEDDY BEAR” cut that is extremely popular today.  Most designer dogs have one thing in common:  they are crossed with a Poodle.  There is a very good reason for that, the Poodle cross brings up the intelligence and trainability.  It also give the cross a “Teddy Bear” look, which, of course, originates with the Poodle.  Crosses also get some of the benefit of the hypoallergenic qualities of the Poodle, and less shedding.

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For more information you can go to the AKC website, at and look up Poodles first, then the Breed Standard.


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