Raising healthy, beautiful puppies with excellent temperaments is a labor intensive and time consuming process. There are many steps in the process of raising our puppies, circumstances can change for various reasons. We are as timely in answering all questions as we can be. So do know that you will need to practice your patience skills.

We understand that expecting your new family is very exciting!! And we look forward to providing you with that very special baby Poodle. We know that you will have questions. You will have an opportunity to ask all your questions and have them answered. We find that the following method works the best and is the most efficient for us and for you.

After you fill out the Puppy Application below and we receive it, we will email you back to let you know if we have a puppy for you. When we email you back with this information, we will then ask you to gather your family’s questions and submit them to us in a email. We will answer your questions via email. Puppy Applications and Questions are answered in the order they come in, we are usually able to get back with you within 48 hours, so please be patient.

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