Available Poodle Puppies

If you are interested in one of the puppies that is posted, please fill out the application form.  We will review your application and email you with within 48 hours, or as soon as time allows us, remember we are caring for the babies and their Mom’s.  So please do be patient.  Caring for the Poodles must always come first.

To make a deposit on a puppy, you will have to ask for a Link and Password to make your reservation.  Please consult with all family members and landlord if you have one to be sure everyone is ready to bring this new family member into your home BEFORE you ask for the Link and Password.  When you receive the Link and Password you will have 3 hours to make your reservation.  After that time other people will have the opportunity to purchase the puppy. 

You can see pictures of previously raised puppies on our gallery page or on our Facebook page – Click Here

  • Operation Permit U18-004880
  • Licensed and inspected
  • AKC Compliance
  • Caring stewards of the Poodle breed
  • All puppies microchipped
  • All puppies examined by a licensed Vet and a statement of it’s health is noted on a sheet with the microchip number listed
  • All Sires Genetically tested you will receive test results.

We sell our puppies to excellent pet homes with American Kennel Club limited registration (sold as pets).   And must be neutered by 6 months of age, or guarantee will be void.  If a purchasing party desires full registration this must be approved by Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles, and a written agreement must be signed by both parties for full registration.  We do not sell any puppies that are intended to be cross bred. (bred to any other breed that 100% Poodle).

 If the puppy you have decided on becomes unavailable (due to any unforeseen cause, or you are unable to take your puppy when it is ready to go home)  you may bank your deposit puppy for a later time that better fits your schedule.   Your reservation will be placed in the first position for the next available puppy of the same size, sex, and color as the one you have reserved.  Otherwise we do not issue refunds.


A Few Red Minis and Small Red Minis – Ready to Go Early November $2500 NOT SHIPPING

No deposits accepted until we post the pictures here the First Week of November. We do not keep any waiting lists. Applications are being accepted now but due to EXTREMELY High Demand, We Cannot Guarantee that You will Get a Puppy even though your application has been approved.


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Our Next Litter of Toys Will not be ready to go home for 5 or 6 months as of 9/30/2020

WE WILL NOT BE SHIPPING. Monitor the website for postings. We ONLY take deposits after we post the litter. We do not keep wait lists. 

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We will not have any more Moyens until Spring 2021. Please monitor the website then for information.

We are in California and will not be shipping.

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Poodles are the most highly trainable of all canines.  They are as human-like as any dog could be, and require the time and care that a newborn human does.  Bringing a new pup into your home is a lifetime commitment.  Their life span is approximately 15 years or more.  Would you feel comfortable and confident that you could give a newborn human the care it needs at this time?  If you do not have the Valuable Time or Dedication to attend to and train a Poodle puppy, please do not apply.   Another breed may be more suitable for you.
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