Purchase Includes


Reservation Deposits of $300 is required. Deposits will be applied to the purchase of your puppy. The Reservation Deposit is not refundable.

Select the “Health Guarantee” tab above , as the Health Guarantee applies to all purchases.

We will email you back with confirmation of your reservation.

We do encourage you to reserve, as it assures you that you will be able to secure the puppy of your choice.

Payment Methods

Our Website accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We accept bank transfers, wire transfers, and cash.

We are a licensed, inspected California business, sales tax will be calculated and charged on all puppy purchases.

If you need shipping, you will need to add on $450 to the total when you make a payment with the link below.  Sales tax will not be calculated on shipping.

You are welcome to come to our home to see the puppy before making the final decision. Please read our policy regarding reservation deposits.

Shipping Your Poodle Puppy

We will make all the necessary airline arrangements for your puppy to be shipped the closest major airport nearest you. We ship within the U. S. only.

There are times when the planned flight may have to be delayed due to cancelled flights or weather.  Should this happen, United Airlines cares for the pets in designated overnight areas designed for this use.

The flight itinerary will be emailed to you to review and approve before the puppy is shipped.  You will be able to track the flight if you wish, and you will be given the information to do so

The cost of shipping is $450, we charge only the actual shipping costs. When two puppies are purchased and shipped at the same time, the airlines will allow both puppies to be shipped in the same crate at no additional cost. The cost of shipping includes the following:

  • Health Certificate issued by Vet
  • Fuel for transportation to Airport
  • Airline approved crate
  • Airline ticketing charges

All puppies go home with:

1.  Microchip inserted, and the information to register your new family member in the ReUnite national microchip databank.

2.  A letter from our Vet, includes the microchip # of your puppy, the d.o.b., and the findings of the Vet’s inspection of puppy.

3.  DNA Opti-Gen Certificate of Sire.

4.  Pedigrees of both parents.

5.  Health records for your puppy showing dates of all vaccinations given.

6.  One month supply of premium grade Nu-Vet Supplements that your puppy has been eating everyday to build it’s immune system.

7.  One month supply of Life’s Abundance, the premium quality health food your puppy has been weaned on.

8.  Registration transfer papers if your puppy has been advertised as being sold with registration papers.

9.  The Guarantee of good health and temperament that is printed on Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles website, guarantee will be activated when you have taken your puppy in for it’s “Well Puppy Check” with your Vet. 

10.  Puppy Care information emailed to you.  Print out this information, it will help by giving you material to read before your puppy arrives, and refer back to assist you in  raising your puppy into a healthy, happy, adult.

* If the puppy you have decided on becomes unavailable (due to any unforeseen  cause, or you are unable to take your puppy when it is ready to go home) your reservation deposit will be placed in first position for the next available puppy of the  same size, sex and color.

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