Refund Policy

REFUND POLICY –   We encourage only those persons who have given it thorough thought about the responsibility of owning a Poodle, reserve one.  Adding a Poodle to your home is truly adding a new family member.   Poodles are the most trainable and intelligent  of all canines and are very much like raising a human child and the responsibilities that go with it.  For example, the persons who wish to own one of our Poodles need to must have ample time to spend with a baby (puppy or human) to have a successful relationship with either.  A stay at home person, someone who works from home, or someone who can take their dog companion to work is ideal.  Please think it over and make sure that all people who will be living with the puppy, and your landlord should you have one are all in agreement to this commitment and are prepared to bring a new baby into the household before you place a deposit.

All clients who take a puppy home are required to take their puppy to a experienced veterinarian for a “Well Puppy Check” within 72 hours of receiving their puppy.  It is very rare, but If their vet finds a problem with the puppy’s health, Vet must write their findings on their letterhead and give a copy to the owner.  A second opinion from another experienced vet will also be required, the 2nd vet will also need to write the finding on their letterhead.  Owner must then email the copies of the letters to Linda DeBlauw,  owner of Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles within 2 days.  We will notify you of the receipt of the letter.  Linda DeBlauw reserves the right to talk with the vet who performed the “Well Puppy Check” to discuss the finding, and so owner must verbally give their permission to vets to speak with Linda DeBlauw regarding the findings.  However, we do understand that sometimes life circumstances change and that you would not be able to bring a puppy home at the time you had planned.  Before your scheduled pick-up date to  bring your puppy home, please notify us by email –, and we will bank your deposit for a future litter, or we will refund deposit for these circumstances.