Tips for Choosing a Puppy Name

Puppies One of the major things you’ll do when you bring home a puppy is give it a name. Just like naming a human baby, people put a lot of thought and care into picking “the right name” for their beloved pet.

Did you know that more than half of all pet names are human names or nicknames, like Max or Buddy?
People also choose names based on a pet’s looks or personality, like Brownie, Spot, or Boomer.

When choosing a name, you can consider names associated with things you like and are interested in, such as art, music, movie stars, cartoons and superheroes. Names like “Gidget” and “Flash” come to mind.

Ideally, you’ll want a simple, quick-to-say name that a dog can easily recognize. Furthermore, it should be something that’s not going to embarrass you or others when it’s called out in public. For instance, a simple name like “Jack” works well, while a longer, awkward name like “Your royal highness King Richard the Third” would sound weird! When in doubt, stick with one or two syllable names.

Have you ever heard of a dog named “Sit?” How about “Fetch?” Hopefully you have not, because that could really confuse a dog. You don’t want to choose an action word/command word to name your pet!

Oftentimes, it’s the youngest member of a family who gets the honor of naming a puppy. If the parents are okay with the name, it’ll stick. If not, it’s appropriate to ask the child to think of a different name– one that the whole family can agree upon.

It’s not unusual to wait a couple days before naming a pet puppy. That way, you get to see how they act each day, which might give you a clue as to their “perfect” name that “just seems to suit them so well.”

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