Help Your Poodles Make the Most of Winter

Red Poodle PuppyDon’t let winter get you or your red poodle down! It might be too cold to get outside for an extended amount of time, for both you and your dog, but that doesn’t mean all is lost!

Consider the wintertime a perfect opportunity to bond with your beloved poodle.

Keep Them Moving

It is important to remember that exercise is not exclusively meant for the outdoors. Encourage your red poodle to run around inside as well so you can get a few minutes of exercise in too!  Try adding another friend into the mix and set up a puppy play date!  The more the merrier, especially when it comes to dogs.

If the weather seems reasonable and you do plan to spend some time outside, just keep track of how long you’ve been outside. Consider purchasing boots and a jacket for your poodle to protect them from the elements.

Practice Playfulness

Poodles enjoy all sorts of games, that luckily, can easily be played in side. Games such as hide and seek and tug of war can be played right from the comfort of your own home.  Interactive games will keep their attention sharp and help to improve obedience.  Consider motivating with healthy treats! Poodles love a challenge, especially when they know a reward is waiting for a job well done.

Stay Healthy and Happy

If you’re cooped up inside, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to train your red poodle puppy.  If your puppy is not quite comfortable with dental care, combing, or bathing, work on their tolerance. Get them used to different aspects of grooming, an important part of poodle pet care.

Keeping your poodle healthy and happy is what’s most important.  Looking for a poodle to add into your home? Contact Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles today.

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