How to Protect Your Poodle in the Heat

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Although we may love the summer heat, it’s not always the best for your pup. When you take your puppy out during the summer, make sure you’re taking extra precautions to protect them in the summer heat. Any temperature above 90-degrees can be life-threatening for your dog. Plus, you need to be extra careful as a poodle-owner because they should not be outside in the heat for long periods.

To protect your pup for the rest of summer, make sure you’re following these tips:

Poodle Paw Protection in the Summer 

Pavement temperatures will always be warmer than air temperatures, so if your dog’s paws aren’t protected, they experience severe damages. You should check your dog’s paws often when on walks. Intense heat exposure to your dog’s paws can lead to drying, peeling, and cracking. 

Avoid walking your dog and hard surfaces during the intense heat of the summer. Aim for walking in shaded areas, walking early in the morning, or late at night. 

Measuring the Temperature for Your Pup 

To help give you a better understanding, your poodle will react to an outside temperature similar to you and your body. So, if the heat is too uncomfortable for you, it is too much for your dog. Even if you can push through the uncomfortable temperatures, remember you are still putting your dog at risk. Anything between 80-90 degrees are temperatures that should raise some caution. Anything above 90 degrees can be potentially life-threatening if you’re outside for too long. 

Don’t Shave Your Poodle in the Summer 

Although you’d think the opposite, remember, you should never cut the poodle’s coat real short in the summertime. The layers of your dogs’ coat are used to protect them from sunburn and get too hot. You can also apply sunscreen or repellents specifically made for your breed for additional protective purposes. 

Know the Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

If your dog is overheating, they will usually show clear symptoms. Don’t ignore them. Some of the more common symptoms include excessive panting, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, drooling, and weakness. If the symptoms aren’t addressed, your dog can experience more severe symptoms that will result in immediate medical attention. 

Bringing Home a Poodle Puppy in the Summer 

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