Preparing Your Poodle For Winter


As the summer months come to a close, it’s important to remember the needs of your furry family members. The winter is not a particularly pleasant time to be a dog, especially when you have to brave the cold just to get a bathroom break. Here are some tips on helping your poodle puppy through the transition from summer to brisk winter:

Doggy Sweaters

Poodles have tons of fur, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get a shiver when they are exposed to the cold. Chilly Dog is a company that makes one of a kind, handmade knitted sweaters for any sized pup. You can also find a variety of doggy apparel at most pet supply stores. For poodles that require a little extra warmth while cuddling on the couch after a particularly cold walk, try the Dog Snuggie!

In all likelihood, your poodle’s natural fur coat will help them to stay warmer than you. Make sure that you have a warm jacket too!


Even though it’s now colder outside, it’s still important for your dog to get regular dose of exercise. Prepare yourself for outdoor winter walks with your poodle. He or she will enjoy the new adventure that the cold weather, and falling leaves and snow provide. On brisk days, make walks shorter by moving more quickly. A 10 minute run around the neighborhood will keep your risk for exposure low, while still allowing for you and your poodle to get enough exercise for the day.

Groom the Yard

Poodles who have found homes in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas might not have to worry so much about tons of snow. But for the rest of the poodles out there, snow can be an issue. Make sure that your home has easy access to an area where your poodle can easily do their business without getting all snowy. By shoveling off the area outside of your door when it snows, you are making it easier for them to pick out a place to go. Deep snow is likely to deter your puppy from desiring to go outside and might result in more indoor accidents. Prevent this by keeping an area of your yard nice and snow-free.


If you dog is older and arthritis prone, you might notice that the winter time is when it tends to act up. The cold weather isn’t friendly for those with arthritis. Invest in supplements to help your poodle cope with their arthritis. If you notice your older dog shivering, bring him or her inside and warm them up.

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