Masculine Cuts for Poodles

For many years, people often view poodles as a very feminine breed. However, statistically, poodles are quite the opposite. Although their body shapes are quite elegant, they’re adventurous, athletic, and intelligent pups. Poodles have great qualities that make them excellent companions for those who enjoy adventurous outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. Poodles were originally bred for waterfowl retrievers.

If you’re trying to make your poodle look a little more masculine or want a clean-cut for your poodle, take a look at these suggested haircuts:

Poodle Hair Cuts





The Puppy Cut

If you have a younger pup or a miniature poodle, the puppy cut is an excellent alternative. This haircut will make your poodle look like a puppy, even if he/she isn’t a puppy. During this trim, the legs and body are lighting shaped while the face, throat, base of the tail, and paws are shaved. 

German Trim 

This style is very easy to achieve and requires little maintenance. The German trim starts by cleanly shaving the ears and tail so that they are all one length. The rest of the fur is kept long and cleaned up using scissors. 

Modern Poodle Cut 

The modern cut for poodles is a very eye-catching and elegant cut. The cut follows the body’s shape and leaves extra fur around the ears, tail, and head. This cut is very natural and has a professional finish. 

Teddy Bear Clip

The teddy bear clip is an excellent cut for all poodles. The hair covering the body is maintained at the same length, including the ears and feet. The coat can be trimmed to the owner’s preference to be as long or as short as desired. Plus, if you prefer to do your grooming, this is a very simple cut to learn. 

Adding a Poodle to Your Family 

Whether you’re looking for a male or female puppy, Scarlets Fancy Poodles has got you covered. Contact us today to find your adorable and loyal poodle puppy! 

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