3 Reasons to Avoid a Pet Store When Adopting a Puppy

Breeder Holding Two PuppiesIt’s been said that happy, healthy puppies come from caring, ethical breeders, and at Scarlets Fancy Poodle, we couldn’t agree more.

As a breeder, it’s our job to make sure each puppy is thoughtfully raised and put into a loving home. While we and other serious, ethical breeders take the time and effort to raise puppies the right way, there are unfortunately places that are known to cut corners or do things that are not in the best interest of young dogs.

One such place is your local pet store. In this blog we will discuss why it is advised to avoid adopting your new puppy from a pet store and why you should make the smart decision by choosing a trusted and experienced breeder.

The puppies are typically from a mill

Beware of “love at first sight” when choosing a puppy.  Mills and petshops know that people’s hearts are captured by a cute puppy.   Pet brokers acquire from a puppy mill.  These businesses are known for solely looking to make a profit.

Puppy mills usually have overcrowded pens, unsanitary sleeping arrangements and may not give the dogs enough quality food, water or exercise.

People who wish to purchase a puppy should check out the breeder they are considering.  A good place to start your search in finding the breeder you want to work with, is to take advantage of expert information we offer.  You can access it by going to RedandApricotPoodles.com website and click on the tab that says “Know your breeder”.  This information will give you questions to ask prospective breeders.  A good breeder will be happy to answer any of the questions.   If the breeder is not forthcoming with answers to your questions, it is a red flag.  Best to try another breeder.

Unfortunately for the puppies, parents, and new owners puppies born to people trying to raise puppies without the experience necessary to produce healthy, happy puppies, too many of these puppies will fall victim to genetic illnesses, poor health or behavioral issues .

The puppies may be mixed breed

What might appear to be a purebred puppy will many times be a mixed breed. Pet stores don’t always carry original paperwork, and as mentioned before, puppy mills do not always do things by the book. If you’re unsure if a dog is purebred, it will more times than not be a mix.

Puppies are more expensive

Dogs sold in a pet store are priced higher than a ethical breeder. Pet store owners are concerned about the costs of operating the store, rather than the source and genetic history of the puppies.

For a healthy addition to your family, look for an AKC accredited breeder in which to get your puppy from. If you are interested in adding a poodle to your family, we ask that you contact us today at Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles.

We are a premier breeder of moyen/klein red and apricot poodles and love sharing our passion for these wonderful animals with others. We are one of the most trusted miniature poodle breeders in the state of California and will be honored to offer you one of our cute and friendly pups at an affordable price. To learn more about our AKC Registered Poodles, we invite you to fill out our puppy application.

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