3 Tips for Socializing Your Puppy

Older dog playing with puppySocializing your puppy is a key step in creating a relaxed, well-behaved dog. It will help make your pup comfortable in a variety of situations, regardless of the people and other pets that they meet.

Socialization early will not only be helpful for you the pet owner, but it will also prevent your dog from becoming fearful of loud noises, strange objects and more that can become harmful to their overall health.

In this blog, we will discuss a few tips for properly socializing your new puppy that will give you the happy and healthy dog that you’ve always dreamed of.

Start socializing early

Young puppies between the age of three and 12 weeks are the most accepting of new experiences, so use your first few weeks with your new puppy to get them active and involved in household tasks and activities.

Getting your puppy used to household appliances, vacuums and more are especially important for getting your puppy comfortable in the home. You should also introduce your puppy to different people and other dogs during this time to make them more comfortable when meeting someone new.

Watch their behavior

When introducing your puppy to new people, experiences and animals, be sure to watch their reactions carefully. If your puppy seems frightened or overwhelmed, they aren’t learning anything positive from the situation.

Gradually ease your young puppy into each situation for the best experience, especially when introducing them to new people and other pets. It is suggested to introduce them in small groups at first, then work up to bigger numbers.

Make sure they have their shots

When socializing your puppy, be careful when introducing them to other dogs before they have had all of their shots. Do not bring an unvaccinated puppy to a dog park or pet store, or anywhere that dogs you do not know frequent.  The only place that an unvaccinated puppy should go to to your vet for it first shots.  Do not put the puppy on the ground or let others hold it.  After the first shots still be very careful, because even then some of these canine diseases can cut through the vaccinations and cause you puppy to get sick.   Instead between the time they have had their first shots until they have finished their shots at 16 weeks, introduce them to healthy, friendly dogs of family members and friends. This will create a comfortable socialization environment, without exposing them to canine diseases.

Socialization of your new puppy will take a lot time, effort, patience and requires you to introduce your dog to a variety of individuals and situations, but will be a rewarding process in the long run.

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