5 Reasons Why Poodles ARE the Best Dogs

red and apricot poodles cute

Contrary to popular belief, poodles were originally bred as a sporting dog, whose purpose was to retrieve ducks from the water for hunters. Even their classic cut was at first done for hunting: shaved bodies meant they moved faster in the water and collected less dirt, while leaving fur around their paws and joints protected them from rocks and debris. Today, their reputation is not quite the same, but their versatility is what makes poodles the most amazing type of dog to own.



To this day, poodles are loyal, intelligent, athletic, and loving. Many fans of the poodle say that the breed has “an air of distinction”, referring perhaps to their canny intuitions and regal habits. It’s almost as if they are aware of their own intelligence. Their friendly and outgoing personalities make them great for families.



In addition their superior intelligence, poodles are among the breeds that are least likely to shed and thus most poodles are considered hypoallergenic.



They are in fact, the most intelligent and trainable of all the dog breeds. However, all poodles have a goofy side and still love to play. Poodles are very fond of people, especially members of their families.



Combine this need-to-please with their intelligence, and you have a very trainable dog indeed.They tend to lead lively and energetic lives. Their mind is always begging to be stimulated with games, fetching, and human interaction. Poodles will be extremely loyal companions to their owners, making them ideal pets. They love to learn tricks and perform for audiences of enthusiastic onlookers.



Red and Apricot Poodles are among the rarest breeds of poodles, making them extremely desirable as show dogs and for those who prefer purebred companions.

With the intelligence, loyalty, and athleticism of a poodle, how could you ever ask for a better dog? They even come in different sizes! If you are searching for poodles for sale in Los Angeles areas, visit our site: Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles.











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