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Essential nutrients and a proper diet are crucial to the health of your puppy; after all, a healthy dog is a happy dog. Just like humans, poodles need to consume the vital food groups as well as vitamins on a daily basis. Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles pride themselves on nurturing the animals here with not only superior pet food but probiotics which improve the overall health of our dogs.

What exactly is necessary in your dog’s diet? We have listed the major components of a delicious and healthy diet for your furry friend!

A dog has four main food groups: protein, water, vitamins and fat. Similar to humans, dogs need the proper proportions of each group for it to be considered a balanced diet!


Your puppy needs a minimum of 18 percent protein in their diet for their bodies to function as they age and 22 percent of protein for their bodies to maintain reproduction and growth. It’s important to feed your pet dog food that contains animal proteins as they are much easier on their digestive systems. We recommend Life Abundance, exceptional feed for your puppy that contains the approved ratio of ingredients detrimental to your animal’s health. The formula doesn’t include glutens, corn, artificial flavorings and other harmful additives.


Dogs also need an appropriate amount of fat in their diets of five percent. Like carbs and fats in our diets, dogs need fat in moderation to provide them energy. They also keep their coats healthy and shiny!


Vitamins and supplements are another key aspect of a healthy diet. Since no two puppies are alike, it is best to consult with your veterinarian before you supply your dog with vitamins. At Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles, we give our pups the vet-approved amount of probiotics and fish oil.  If you are unfamiliar, these probiotics are proven to improve an animal’s gastrointestinal health as well as their endurance; however, the benefits are numerous.


Lastly, your poodle needs water to complete a balanced and nutritious diet! You can gauge the amount of water to give your dog by their activity level. Another good rule of thumb to follow is one quart of water per every pound of food they eat.

For more information on Scarlet’s or if you have any questions about your poodle, feel free to contact us!

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