Commands To Teach Your Dog

Dog CommandTraining your dog is a process. Once you have created an environment that your dog feels comfortable in, you will want to begin training him or her to understand certain commands, which will help improve behavior. Commands are also important for yours and your dog’s safety.

These commands are easy for your dog to understand and follow and are simple for you to give. The trick to command success is to use them appropriately and when necessary. Being consistent with commands will teach your dog that they are to take the command seriously and to do as told.

Here are five commands you should teach your dog.

  1. Sit: this is an easier command to teach, which is why it is recommended to start with this You can teach this command with treats and reward the treat when your dog exhibits the sitting position. You will want to repeat the sequence of sit command training a few times a day until your dog has mastered it. The sit command is important during walks, when you want your dog to remain calm and during mealtime.
  1. Come: this command is responsible for keeping your dog out of trouble and having your dog come back to you if you happen to lose grip of a leash, for example. You will want to put a leash and a collar on your dog and gently pull on the leash while saying, “come”. When he comes to you, reward him with a treat. Once the come command has been mastered, you can move onto practicing without a collar and leash.
  1. Down: this is a more difficult command to master. This is a submissive posture, which can create tension and stress for your dog. You can help this by making the training positive and relaxed, especially with a fearful dog. You will want to work on this command with treats. In a closed fist, hold a treat and after sniffing, encourage your dog to lower to the floor as you move your hand to the floor. Once your dog is in the down position, say “down” and reward with treat and praise. Repeat this command every day.
  1. Stay: your dog will need to have mastered the sit command to begin working on this command. Ask your dog to sit first. Then open the palm of your hand and say “stay”. You can then take a few steps back and if your dog stays, reward with a treat and praise. You can gradually increase the number of steps you take back before giving the treat. This is a great command for teaching your dog about self-control.
  1. Leave it: this is the last of the crucial commands to teach your dog. When a dog’s curiosity gets the best of him, the leave it command will keep him safe. The goal of the leave it command it to teach your dog that when the leave something they’re not allowed to have, they will get something better.

Remember, it will be a process!

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