Essential Skills to Teach Your Puppy

apricot poodle puppy learns sitBringing home your puppy is an exciting and memorable experience. This new member of your family is like a baby – full of energy one minute and fast asleep the next. As much fun as it is to snuggle and play with your pup, it is important to start training early to raise a happy and well behaved dog. Teaching your dog to sit and stay are just the basics; the American Kennel Club has a list of 10 essential skills that all dogs should have. Start your puppy young and help them to learn the introductory skills they would need to pass the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Test!


Properly socializing your puppy – introducing them to a wide range of people and experiences – is an important way to prepare them for a happy and stress-free life. Being able to socialize with other dogs, accept friendly strangers and remain calm during distractions are all important traits for your pooch to have. Take your puppy for walks, to family get-together and to the dog park (once they have all their shots) to begin proper socialization early.


Basic commands like sit and stay are important for every pup to learn. Teach these tricks to your pet one at a time to avoid confusion and continually practice them to keep your dog at their best. For first time pet owners and individuals who are looking for help teaching their dog commands, we recommend signing your new pet up for puppy training classes. A great way to socialize with other dogs and new owners, these classes will also build the foundation for a well behaved puppy.


Brushing, bathing and grooming are all important parts of maintaining your dog’s healthy and clean coat. To avoid unwanted stress, introduce your puppy to the bathtub and the brush early. Remember to give your puppy lots of praise to ensure that bath time is a fun and positive experience for them.


No one wants to walk a dog that tugs at their leash, pulling you to and fro down the sidewalk. Make walks a part of your regular routine and begin walking your puppy at a young age for good results. Walking on a loose leash is a skill that takes practice and patience to master. With enough time and a positive attitude, you will have your puppy walking well before they are full grown.

Teaching your puppy basic skills and commands is an important way to prepare them for life with your family. A dog that is friendly and obedient will fit right in whether your children are playing in the backyard or you have guests over for dinner.

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