Fun Facts about Poodles

Red Poodle Puppy with ToyIntelligence, elegance, and variety: poodles have it all! Red poodles make fantastic companions for all ages with their lively nature and fun-loving personalities. Their unique style and adorable features catch your attention first, but don’t be fooled – poodles are much more than good looks! Poodle are second in intelligence to Border Collies, however, poodles are first out of all canines in trainability.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a red poodle, we have highlighted a variety of fun facts about poodles that just might persuade you to do so.

Insane Intelligence

In rankings of canine intelligence, poodles are second only to border collies. They are capable of learning hundreds of words throughout their lifespan. Poodles are quick learners making them extremely easy to train. In our humble opinion, this makes them the perfect pet for all ages.

No Shedding

Red poodles have hair instead of fur which is why are so soft and fuzzy: two characteristics that we just love. Why? Because the hair that poodles have lacks an undercoat which is the part of most dog’s that causes shedding. Because poodles hair has a long growth period it does not routinely shed, is hypoallergenic, and mostly odorless.

Multiple Varieties

Poodles are also special because they come in three different sizes which most dogs do not. The standard poodle is typically 15 inches or taller and weighs between 45 and 70 pounds. Miniature poodles are 12 to 15 inches tall and weigh between 12 and 18 pounds. Lastly, the adorable toy poodle is usually up to 10 inches tall, weighing between 5 and 8pounds. We are proud to offer tiny toy red poodles, toy red poodles, oversize toy red poodles, and miniature red poodles. Learn more about our poodle sizes here.

Natural Performers

 As mentioned above, poodles learn fast. They are highly skilled at performing complex tricks or routines and love to entertain a crowd earning attention. Their cleverness and willingness to please makes them the perfect “trick dog.” They love being rewarded with food, toys, or praise!

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