Help Your Poodle Handle Anxiety

Sleeping Red Poodle on PillowJust like humans, most dogs also experience anxiety. They can comprehend stress and face scenarios that make them worried or afraid. That includes red poodles.

Every poodle owner should know how to help their poodle deal with anxiety and stress, in times of need.

But luckily, there are a few tips that experts recommend that go a long way.

Find Out What’s Wrong

With most poodles, from toy poodles to red poodles, anxiety will likely have a source. Some “issue” will be upsetting or unnerving the dog that most people wouldn’t notice at first glance. However, it is important to get to the bottom of it. Is the poodle constantly staring in a certain direction? Is there a specific scent trail that seems to have them stressed? Once you know what is causing the anxiety, you’ll be able to better solve it.

Eliminate Separation Anxiety

One of the biggest sources of anxiety for poodles is separation anxiety. Once your poodle recognizes you’re leaving the house for a prolonged period, poodles might start to feel stressed. Some easy fixes for this include putting on background music when you leave, such as the TV or radio; using a toy filled with healthy treats as a distraction; or leaving without making a big deal of it.

Start Training Early

Finally, if fear is the source of anxiety, there are several ways you can train your dog to confront the fear as well as overcome it. But you should start first by asking a professional trainer what’s best for combatting anxiety before rushing into a method that might not work. Training is a crucial component of any dog’s development.

If your poodle is anxious, don’t worry: it’s just a sign that they have emotions and feelings just like us. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to overcome the anxiety with your dog together.

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