Holiday Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Red Poodle

The holidays are a time when true altruism soars, touching everyone close to us, including our pets. Although we may feel more inclined to indulge our pets in extra holiday helpings of food and beverage, there are certain holiday dishes that we should keep them away from.

Following is a list of foods you should avoid feeding your red poodle around the holiday season.

Beer Holiday Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Red Poodle

Alcohol affects your red poodle’s central nervous system the way it affects humans, except the risks are far more severe when lesser quantities are consumed. When consumed in the faintest amount, a dog can become clumsy and lose coordination. Vomiting, excessive urination, and drowsiness are also symptoms that can cause concern. When left without medical attention, far worse could happen, including slow heart rate, seizure, and death.

Yeast Dough

Bread dough of any kind is extremely damaging to a red poodle’s gastrointestinal tract. Yeast dough, when consumed, will expand inside your dog’s stomach, causing the yeast organisms to multiply. This could lead to breathing problems, and ultimately, a rise in toxic blood alcohol levels, causing fatal, irreversible conditions.

Turkey Bone

Many owners like to spoil their red poodle around the holidays by feeding them the juiciest of ham and turkey portions. Turkey or ham in moderation is fine so as long as your pet does not get a hold of any bones. Bones can splinter once inside the digestion tract, and this could cause damage to their internal organs.


Eggnog is a traditional holiday beverage enjoyed by many, but the dairy contained in the product can cause allergic reactions in your pet, including many digestive issues.

Macadamia Nuts

It is still unknown what exactly causes macadamia toxicity in red poodles. While it is fine for your pet to enjoy other types of nuts, such as peanuts and cashews, macadamia nuts cause vomiting, tremors, and hyperthermia in dogs.

Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles wants your red poodle or teddy bear poodle to be happy and safe this holiday; read some of our tips for caring for your poodle during colder months here!

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