The Mystique behind Your Poodle’s Rare Apricot Color

You don’t have to own a precious apricot poodle to know that it’s the most sought-after type to poodle lovers. The apricot poodle has a history that can be traced by to 1898 and there are many reasons why it’s such a popular color.

Let’s look at how the apricot poodle came about and why it’s so popular today. The Mystique Behind Your Poodle's Apricot Color

Apricot is Beautiful

Apricot is a beautiful coloring for a poodle, giving it a unique and warm appearance. Sometimes apricot is mistaken for red or deep cream, and owners can specify the color on their official papers. In some cases, the color will change as the poodle gets older. When this happens, it can be more obvious that the poodle is or isn’t true apricot.

An apricot poodle can have some variations in the color and even some dark spots without being marked as a fault with the AKC breed standards.

Apricot is one of the Last

Depending on who you talk to, you’ll learn that the apricot is the last or one of the last poodle colors to be recorded. Some believe it’s the actual last while some believe red came from it, making it one of the final colors.

The first apricot poodle, named Sowden Yellow Gall, was recorded in 1898, with the first apricot champion poodle being crowned in 1929. It was around this time that the breeding of miniatures became popular as well. As for the poodle’s coat, the apricot color is rare because it’s a recessive gene to every poodle color but white. All other poodle colors were established prior to the apricot color.

We believe apricot is truly a beautiful color and it’s a treasure to own such a poodle. Check out our selection of poodles available or call us at 805-748-2095 to learn what apricot poodles we have available today.

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