How to be a Responsible Dog Owner

Responsible Dog OwnerHow can you be a responsible dog owner?

First, you need to realize that owning a dog is quite the commitment. Don’t acquire one if you’re not able to give it the time and attention and care it will need for many years to come.

Next, be selective when acquiring a dog, so it fits your lifestyle. For instance, it wouldn’t make sense to own a very large dog if you lived in a cramped high-rise apartment and were always at work, ignoring your pet.

Also, make sure you get all the information you can about your dog in writing, such that you keep good records about its health over time. If you’re buying a dog from a breeder, get its “papers” and register the dog with the AKC.

Just like taking care of a baby, a dog needs your love and attention. A responsible owner takes great care in giving their pet dog ample, clean water to drink daily, as well as healthy food. Meanwhile, a dog needs to be played with, walked, and “let out” to “do its business,” so these are all vital things a responsible dog owner must do.

A house should be prepared for a dog so that it can live a safe and comfortable life there– that means giving the dog a comfy bed to sleep on/in, as well as some dog toys to play with and bones to chew. Furthermore, if and when a dog gets sick, the responsible owner takes them to a competent veterinarian for a check-up, treatment, and medicine, if needed. Dogs also need proper vaccinations. If and when a dog scratches due to fleas, a good owner finds remedies for that.

Most owners have their pet dog wear a collar that identifies their name and their owner’s key information so if the dog wanders and someone finds them, they know who to contact to give the dog back. You might also consider having the dog receive a microchip for tracking purposes.

Taking care of a dog is a lot like taking care of a child. It takes time, energy, and love to keep your pet healthy and happy.

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