Infographic: Why Your Poodle is Giving You the Puppy Eyes

If you spoiled your red toy poodle with a few extra treats for National Puppy Day today, we’re guessing they sensed it coming. They probably came romping into your kitchen as they heard you from the other room shake a box of delectable doggy biscuits to entice them. Chances are they plopped their fuzzy behind in the middle of the kitchen linoleum and gave you the eager puppy eyes, letting you know that they are excited and anticipating their reward. 

Dogs are very good at showing emotion through their eyes, and in celebration of National Puppy Day, we decided to decode some of the looks they’ve been giving you lately:

Why Your Poodle is Giving You the Puppy Eyes on National Puppy Day(

As red toy poodle breeders who love our pups unconditionally, we hope you’ll check out some of our other dog body language blog post and more that offer information on how to better bond with and understand your pup!

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