How to Read Your Puppy’s Body Language

Puppies are similar to babies in that they are still developing a system of keen sensory reactions that help them understand and communicate with the world around them.

Learning to decode your red toy poodle’s body language is a necessary step in creating a happy and healthy home environment. How to Read Your Puppy’s Body Language

Signs of Alertness

When a red poodle is alert, their eyes are wide open, ears are up and not forward, and their tail is low hanging and relaxed. This is the best time to approach your pup as they are unwinding tension and observing what is going on around them.

Signs of Aggression

Puppies make more than one type of growling noise. If a puppy, when playing, makes a low throaty noise, it means he’s happy. If the growl sounds more forceful and direct, then it could be that your pup is showing signs of aggression.

Signs of Relaxation

Let’s say you’ve just come inside from a fun day of running around with your red poodle, and they lie on their back with their toy by their side. Excessive excitement is one reason why pups turn on their backs. They could be reliving the fun time you guys just had together!

Signs of Stress

When your puppy yawns, it often means they’re tired. But sometimes it could mean that your puppy is upset or anxious. This is dependent on the circumstances. Is your red poodle settling down from a short burst of activity? They’re most likely tired and ready for a nap.

If the yawn seems spontaneous, you may want to look into why. Additionally, if your red poodle’s ears are back and tail is low, wagging quick and short, then is most likely means your pup is afraid or worried about something.

Red toy and teddy bear poodles are naturally inquisitive animals who are still learning about the world around them. One thing’s for sure: these puppies are full of surprises, and will bring a lifetime of smiles to your household. Read our testimonials here.

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