Keeping Clean in the Muddy Season

Warm spring weather is perfect for dogs that love running around and playing in the sunshine. However, springtime also means buckets and buckets of the one thing that leads to muddy puppy paws and fur: rain.

If you are the proud mom or dad of a red or apricot poodle, you know they often love to roll around and get dirty. So the question is, how do you keep your dog’s fur clean during this muddy, wet spring season?

Use pet wipes

Poodles typically do not require frequent baths, as dirt and mud fall off their coats without one. If your furry friend comes in from outside and is a little muddy, try using pet wipes or baby wipes to remove the excess mud.

Try dry shampoo and freshening spray suggests using baking soda and cornstarch to remove your pup’s “dog smell.” Simply massage the powder through your dog’s coat with a towel. Commercial dry shampoos also exist on the market. You could also use a freshening spray to detangle and tidy up your pet’s coat.

Remember regular grooming

Regularly grooming your pup makes the cleaning process easier, as this reduces the amount of dirt and allergens on your dog’s fur. Brushing your dog before fully bathing him or her will also help if you need to go that route, as their fur tends to mat, and mats are difficult to remove when wet.

Try the works

Did your pup have a little too much fun splashing in the backyard puddles? It’s probably the time for a full-on bath. Remember to rinse your pup thoroughly after using shampoo and watch out for his or her ears.

These tips will let your pup have some fun this wet and muddy spring while staying relatively clean.

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