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The Do’s and Don’ts of Feeding Your Poodle

Dog food pouring into an overfilled bowl

If you’ve just picked up your poodle from the breeder, you are probably excited, and can’t wait to spoil your pup with all the love and treats in the world! At Scarlet’s Fancy Poodle we know you can’t wait to pamper your puppy, but there is some information about feeding you need to know to… Read more »

How to Help Your Dog Settle in to a New Environment

As humans, we are able to vocalize our anxieties and fears and avoid situations we find stressful. For dogs, they can only convey their distress through their actions, and it is often easy for humans to misinterpret these cues. Bringing home a new dog is an emotional time for any owner, but it’s even more… Read more »

Summer Safety for your Puppy

Summer is almost here and so is the hot weather that accompanies it. Be sure to provide your poodle with plenty of water, and get them ready for the heat with these quick tips from Banfield. Watch the Pavement Pavement can become painfully hot in the summer month. The pads of dogs’ feet are very… Read more »