Training Your New Puppy

poodle puppyGetting a new puppy is a big responsibility with a lot of training involved. The first few weeks can be overwhelming, but if you follow these tips, you can create a strong foundation for a well behaved and happy adult dog.

Set “House Rules”

Before bringing your new family member home, go over house rules together. Decide if your new puppy will be allowed on the bed or furniture, what areas of the house he is allowed in and more. Creating rules as a family is an important way to create consistency in your pup’s training. If you have children, make sure they understand the rules and why they must follow them as well.

Choose a Name

Naming your new puppy is an exciting and important moment in your relationship. While coming up with choices, try to think of short, one or two syllable names with strong consonants. These names will be easy to pronounce and can be quickly learned and recognized by your dog. Be consistent and use your pup’s name in association with positive things. For example, greet him by name, pet and praise him when he walks over to you to help him learn.

Provide Your Pup a Place of His Own

To help your new puppy adjust when you bring him home, provide him with a place all of his own. Whether this is a crate or blanket placed in a quiet corner of your home, this spot will serve as a safety zone for your pet. Let your new puppy sleep in this cozy den and put a warm water bottle with him at bedtime. This will provide him the warmth he is used to having from his mother and littermates, helping him to snuggle into bed each night.

Reward Good Behavior

Positive reinforcement is a very important part of training any pet. Let your puppy know when he is doing something right, like making it outside to relieve himself, by providing him with lots of love and treats!

For more tips and tricks on training your new puppy, check out Pedigree’s “10 Best Training Tips” article.

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