Purchasing a Puppy can Increase your Children’s Health

Scarlet's Fancy PoodleHere at Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles we believe that getting a dog will benefit any home, but did you know that having one can also make your child healthier? According to research, pets help lower the risk of a cold throughout a baby’s first year of life. They also help prevent asthma and the onset of allergies in children.

Exposure to pet dander and the microbes your dog carries in from outside can help to prepare a child’s immune system for later threats. Overall, babies living with dogs were 31 percent more likely to be healthy throughout their first year of life, as well as 29 percent less likely to need antibiotics throughout the year. This coupled with the knowledge that having a dog benefits your physical and mental health, makes purchasing a puppy even more enticing!

How can your pet make you healthier? Dog owners are more likely to participate in moderate physical activity than people who don’t own a dog. Owning a dog can almost double your physical activity, and it can reduce your levels of stress. This is caused by the social support your furry family member provides during stressful situations. One Japanese study even showed that looking at a dog causes a release in oxytocin – and the accompanying feeling of happiness!

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