Why Toy Poodles are the “Thinking” Breed

Let’s say you just brought your red poodle or toy poodle home and are ready to introduce him to the family. They may pick up right away that their new snugly pal is pretty intelligent.

In fact, toy poodles are as smart as a three-year-old child, and as your family interacts with your dog, you’ll find out why. Why Toy Poodles are the “Thinking” Breed

But what makes this breed so smart? Well for one thing, like toddlers, they are capable of only one emotion: excitement. Toy poodles are very emotionally intelligent, and as they mature, they are able to feel other types of emotion, but how many and what kind has been debated by several owners.

As toy poodles mature into adulthood, they are going to be in constant need of mental stimulation. Toy poodles like to keep their minds busy, so if you feel a nudge on your leg at different intervals during the day, then you know why. They like challenging games that give both their mind and bodies a good workout.

Toy poodles are routine creatures, and they can often anticipate the actions of the day, even the actions their owners take. These dogs learn patterns quickly and have very good memories. When they learn a new behavior or command, their short term memory kicks in right away, and with even more repetition, their long term memory kicks in and stores that motion or verbal command forever. More surprisingly, these dogs have a very fine-tuned perception of situational awareness, meaning they could be picking up on things that you yourself weren’t even aware of.

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