Are Poodles a Good Match for Children?

Did you know that poodles make excellent family dogs? That’s right! Plus, they make even better companions for your kids. There are several reasons why you should add a poodle puppy to your family. 

Here are some of our favorite reasons:

Child Holding Poodle PuppyPoodles are Very Loyal Dogs

Believe it or not, poodles are incredibly loyal dogs, especially miniature poodles. If your poodle senses any unusual behavior, they will be sure to stick by your side or protect your family from any perceived threat. 

Poodles Are Active

Just like your kids, poodles are very energetic dogs! Poodles were bred to be hunting companions, so they love to play and explore. Because they’re so active, they’ll have no problem keeping your children occupied. Trust us, they can play for hours on end without getting tired! 

They’re Very Adaptable Dogs 

When you bring any dog into a new environment, it may take them a while to adjust. However, most people will agree that poodles are one of the best when it comes to adaptability. Which also makes them great for any home environment such as an apartment or a house. 

A poodle is wonderful with a single owner, but they’re also excellent in a family-home. Whether you plan on getting married, switching roommates, or starting a family, it’s no question that your poodle will be able to adjust perfectly fine. 

Poodles are Well Behaved 

Poodles are also very gentle dogs, which, again, makes them great for families with children. Not to mention, these dogs are incredibly patient. It takes a lot for them to start showing signs that they’re upset so that they can handle being with your children for long periods. 

If your poodle is misbehaving, they can usually be trained out of any poor behaviors. Poodles respond well to training and learn pretty quickly. 

Prepare Your Child For Bringing Home a New Dog 

Although poodles make wonderful family pets, if you’re welcoming one into a home with children, you always want to prepare your children for living with a new dog.

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