Are Poodles The Right Breed for You?

Poodles have many great qualities that make them excellent family dogs. However, before you welcome one into your family, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s the right fit. Let’s dive deeper into their grooming needs, exercise routine, and training ability to see if poodles are the right fit for your family.

Here’s everything you should know before welcoming a poodle into your family:

Poodle Grooming Requirements

Because Poodles have a unique coat, you need to regularly brush them to avoid mats and tangles. Their coat color can also vary. You can find colors including black, white, gray, silver, blue, brown, cream, and a gorgeous apricot coloring. Although Poodles don’t shed much, you will need to brush and comb their hair regularly to keep them healthy. If you don’t give their hair the attention and time it needs, it can result in painful mats forming that you’ll have to get professionally shaved off.

Poodle Exercise Routine

No matter the size of your Poodle, they are a very active breed that requires daily exercise. They love running, swimming, and enjoy any activity that will keep them busy. Surprisingly, Poodles were bred for hunting purposes, so they are fantastic at playing fetch and love to retrieve. Keep in mind that although Poodles are all active dogs, the smaller breeds will need less exercise than larger breeds.

Are Poodles Trainable?

If you’re looking for a quick learning dog, Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They are very people-oriented, so they listen to commands very well and be eager to learn. To successfully train your puppy, you’ll need to be consistent with training with positive reinforcements.

Poodles are often used as therapy dogs for elderly and handicapped persons, so you should take the time to train them.

Are Poodles a Good Match for Children?

Poodles make amazing family dogs and get along wonderfully with children. However, we suggest always keeping an eye out on your children, so they don’t accidentally hurt the puppy with their excitement. Poodles also typically get along with other dogs and pets that live in your home.

Is Adopting a Poodle Puppy The Best Fit?

If you’re interested in bringing home a Poodle Puppy, make sure you contact Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles. We specialize in Red and Apricot Poodles in various sizes, including:

  • Moyen (18-22 lbs.)
  • Miniature (11-18 lbs.)
  • Oversize Toy (8-10 lbs.)
  • Toy (5-7 lbs.)
  • Tiny Top (4-5 lbs.)

We welcome your inquiries and interest in our Red and Apricot Poodles, and we hope your home will welcome one of our puppies!

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