Learn More about the Poodle

Red and White PoodlesSecond on the AKC’s list of smartest dog breeds, the poodle is an intelligent, highly-trainable breed that is believed to have originated in Germany. The standard poodle has been referenced since the 15th century and drawings of dogs that look very similar date back to ancient Egypt and Rome.

Originally bred to retrieve birds for hunters, the English word “poodle” is thought to have come from the German word “pudel” which means “to splash in the water.” The traditional poodle haircut – something now seen as elaborate – served an important purpose for hunting dogs. While in the water, the long hair around the joints and organs protected the poodle from the cold and trimmed areas lightened the weight of the dog’s coat and kept it from getting caught on debris.

The seventh most popular dog breed, poodles comes in three sizes; standard, miniature and toy. All three fall under the same breed standards and are highly trainable, active and love to swim! The breed standard include ten color options, with red being one of the rarest.

The first poodle was registered to The Kennel Club in England in 1874 and the American Kennel Club registered its first poodle in 1886.

This loving and intelligent breed makes loyal and fun-loving family pet that typically gets along with other pets as well. They are happy to please and protective of their families. To learn more about poodles and to find a Miniature, Toy or Moyen poodle of your own, contact Scarlet’s Fancy online or by calling 805-748-2095.

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