Make Playtime Safe for your Dog

Poodle Playing with a Stuffed ToyNo matter the age of your dog, new toys are always welcome and exciting. Pet stores are stocked to the brim with options for your furry friend, but many should only be given to your pet in a supervised environment. Some of the most fun and well liked dog toys can cause choking! Follow our guide and use common sense when purchasing new toys for your pet. There are plenty of safe – and enjoyable – options to relieve your pup’s boredom when they are left alone.


Many dogs love to chase after and play fetch with balls. One of the safest types to give your dog is a tennis ball. The perfect size to prevent choking in all but the largest dogs, their fuzzy texture also prevents them from getting too slippery when slimed by your pup. Any ball smaller than a tennis ball, or that has a slippery outer coating should be avoided to prevent choking.


While dogs love to chew on these tasty treats, it is important to supervise yours when they are eating a rawhide. Make sure you purchase the correct size snack for your pooch, and be sure to throw pieces away when they are small enough to fit in your dog’s mouth. Check the packaging of your rawhides to ensure they have been made in the United States, since many other countries use chemicals while putting their rawhides together, and the residue can be harmful to your pup. With a strong chewer, watch to make sure they are not breaking off and eating small pieces. These chunks can interfere with a dog’s digestive system and cause intestinal problems. Talk to your vet for more information on rawhide safety for your pup.

Nylabone and Kong brand products are great for chewing and playing in the place of rawhides!

Stuffed Toys

When purchasing a stuffed toy for your pet, always check the tag to make sure it says “pet safe” and “child safe.” Some dogs love stuffed toys and carry and squeak them for fun. Others take pride in destroying their stuffed toys in an attempt to get to the squeaker and stuffing. These pieces are a potential choking hazard, and pets that shred their toys should be watched while playing.

For more information on dog toy safety, visit Petco and the Humane Society. If you aren’t sure about a toy, contact your veterinarian. There are lots of great options out there that your pooch will love and be able to play with safely.

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