National Love Your Pet Day | February 20th

National Love Your Pet DayFebruary 20th is National Love Your Pet Day! That means it’s a great excuse to spoil your pooch all day long. Our dogs give us so much love and devotion throughout the year; it only makes sense to have one day per year dedicated just towards them. Take some time on February 20th this year to let your puppy know how much they really mean to you. Here are some things you can do to make your poodle feel appreciated:

Take him for a walk

Maybe you already do this every day, but today – take them by their favorite dog park, or to a place where they really have the space to explore. Whether it’s the beach or just a long walk down the block, poodles love having the chance to really get out and be active.

Special Treats and Toys

Like children with their own toys, poodles love having chew toys to carry around and play with. Choose a toy from the pet store that will excite your poodle. Do they love tennis balls or stuffed animals? Kongs are a great investment – especially for smart poodles. They are durable, chewy, and you can hide treats inside to keep your puppy occupied for hours. You can stuff them with human treats like peanut butter or carrots; or go traditional with dog food or dog treats.


Love Your Pet Day is the perfect time to schedule an appointment at the groomer; they might even have specials running! Even something as simple as a belly rub with a brush can do wonders for your dog’s day.


Poodles love to be close to their human companions. Let them cuddle up on the couch today and watch a few movies with you. The extra attention goes a long way in their minds. Your poodle will always appreciate company.

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