Keep Your Poodle Safe This Holiday Season

Keep Pets safe holidays

The holidays are here and while it can be an exciting time for everyone – including your pets, it’s also smart to stay aware of some of the dangers that come with the season. Christmas comes with all sorts of fun but at the same time, some of the traditions that we humans see as harmless have the potential to become a health hazard for your pet. Here are some pointers to keep in mind this holiday season so that both you and your poodle cruise into the New Year with a clean bill of health:

Christmas Tree

When we put Christmas trees in our homes, it’s actually really confusing for pets! They are wondering why in the world there is a tree inside; and they might even be thinking that outside behavior applies to the living room now.  Your poodle will want to sniff around the tree and become accustomed to the scent. For the most part, your poodle will become bored with the tree in a few hours. Some things you want to keep in mind include:

  • Don’t use edible or scented decorations like cranberries or popcorn.
  • Keep audible ornaments like bells and jingles on low branches so that you know if your poodle is sniffing around the tree.
  • Keep your tree in a corner out of the way of your pet’s daily traffic zones. They will be less likely to become distracted by a tree if it isn’t in a main travel path.

Christmas Decorations

Unfortunately many decorations that are important to the holiday spirit are also dangerous for pets. Plants like poinsettia and mistletoe are actually poisonous if ingested. Make sure that if you want to have these plants around, they stay out of reach of your pets. Tinsel is also very dangerous if consumed. In some cases tinsel has caused intestinal blockages in dogs and it should be avoided at all costs.


While it’s tempting to share your table scraps with your pets, it’s best to avoid doing so in all situations. Dogs love to chew on leftover roasts but the bones are seriously dangerous if your dog accidentally swallows one. Chocolate is poisonous for dogs as well, so avoid sharing baked treats.

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